Compositions & Techniques

Leading line



Silhouette Lighting

Formal Balance

Informal Balance

Rule of Thirds

Low Horizon Line

High Horizon Line

High Key Lighting

Low Key Lighting

Angle Up

Angle Down

Close Distance

Far Distance

Soft Focus

Sharp Focus

Selected Focus

Artist Statement:

The subject of these photographs are the composition rules and techniques in photography. To create these photos I went outside of my school and took photos of each of the rules. The material I used was my Canon rebel digital camera, I then edited it using the iphoto app on my macbook. I chose to take these photos because they fit within each of the rules and I really liked the colors and shapes that were created.

The elements of art that I used were color, shape, and space. The principals of design that I used were pattern, contrast, and proportion/scale. The composition rules/ techniques that I used were all of the composition rules and techniques for photography.

My project evolved because I had no set idea of what I was going to take pictures of, I only knew that I had to follow the rules provided. The meaning behind this artwork is really see the beauty in everything, even if its just a street sign it can become a beautiful work of art. This project relates to my life because ever since I was younger I would always love to go outside and take lots of pictures. If I could change anything about these photographs I would use some new pictures for some of the techniques because I repeated some of the images.