March 2020

Attendance Update

posted 13 Mar , 16:31 by J Croxon

We are constantly promoting attendance and hold a number of competitions and award children with amazing attendance. Despite this, we are still really struggling to reach our target of 96%. In order to achieve this target, we all need to work together.

Despite the scare of the Coronavirus, attendance hasn’t been too bad this week. We are still struggling from previous poor weeks though.

A HUGE Well done to RCG who are our BEST class this week with an amazing 99.33%

Attendance for this week: 95.14%

Year to date attendance: 94.74%

If you are struggling with getting your child to school, speak to Mr Wills.

Football Update

posted 13 Mar , 16:31 by J Croxon

On Thursday, we played our first home match of 2020 on the field against Audley Primary and Parkfield Community Primary School. Our boys played brilliantly despite the wind and rain and won both matches in dramatic fashion. Congratulations to Miss Martin and our remarkable team. This was also a final tournament with Miss Lewis also on the sidelines.

Lea Forest 3 Vs Audley 0

Lea Forest 4 Vs Parkfield 1


posted 13 Mar , 16:31 by J Croxon

AET and Lea Forest Primary Academy believe that arriving at school on time is essential for children to fulfill their potential.

Being on time to school ensures that children settle into the school day, can order the lunch they want and prevents them from missing essential learning.

The Law states that children should arrive at school on time every day. Schools are legally required to take a register of pupils first thing in the morning and at some point in the afternoon (we take ours after lunch).

Poor punctuality not only impacts on the learning of the child who is late for school, but also on the learning of all the other children in the class.

Regular school attendance and good punctuality prepares children for later life.

Children who arrive on time are happier, less anxious and ready to learn!

Our Character Curriculum

posted 13 Mar , 16:31 by J Croxon

We introduced our Character Curriculum this half term and I’ve been amazed by some of the tasks

being carried out at home. The children’s passports are kept in School, however, feel free to ask

teachers to take a look!

Corona Virus Update

posted 13 Mar , 16:31 by J Croxon

Parents/carers will be notified immediately should we have any confirmed cases of infection at Lea Forest, but until this point we would encourage you to remain calm and follow the Government's advice on prevention. We'd like to reassure you that the academy has robust contingency plans in place, and this decision is driven by the guidance given by the NHS and AET, who are following Government guidelines to remain open at this time. Should this change, you will be notified directly via all our usual communication channels.

We have added a specific section to our website which will be updated daily.

Message From Mr Clark

posted 13 Mar , 16:31 by J Croxon

This Week

It’s been Science Week and every class has carried out a range of science activities and have been learning all about different famous scientists. Mr White also delivered a special science themed assembly to start the week.

On Monday afternoon, Miss Allcroft worked with our amazing choir as they prepare for their next event out of school. They are starting to sound pretty amazing! Our boy’s football team was also in action for the Mike Scott Competition and with no minibus, I was happy to offer a lift in my car for some of our players. Little did I know that the forecast for that evening was heavy rain. Despite the awful weather conditions, very muddy pitch and a VERY drenched Headteacher, our boys performed well and really pushed their limits. They managed to win a match, draw a match and lose a match.

On Wednesday, our Year 5 classes visited The National Space Centre in Leicester to support their learning for their current topic ‘Stargazers’. 5BP and 5CF had a fabulous day and represented Lea Forest brilliantly. Whilst Year 5 were away from school, Year 3 had a Visitor into school to help bring their current topic alive. The children in 3MA and 3SH found out lots of new facts about the Ancient Greeks in a fun and creative way. We also held a ‘Sing Up’ event on Wednesday where Miss Allcroft taught a song to all classes and at the end of the day, everyone came together to perform as a whole school. After school on Wednesday all of the teaching staff gathered together for a showcase of our curriculum. We are delighted with how the children take pride in their work and how our remarkable curriculum has really come alive.

We had 30 visitors from other schools on Thursday as we held a ‘Whole Education’ day to share our remarkable school. The visitors were amazed with just how exceptional Lea Forest is. They commented on the ‘polite and talented children’, the ‘committed staff’ and our ‘remarkable curriculum and opportunities.’ After school on Thursday, the boy’s football team were in action again. For information about their successes, check out page 2.

We end the week, celebrating and fundraising for Sports Relief, science assemblies, celebrations and a maths competition for some of our mathematicians in Year 5. I’d also like to wish our choir the best of luck as they are performing at the singing festival on Saturday.

Reading Scavenger Hunt

posted 06 Mar , 16:31 by J Croxon

It was lovely to see so many parents from EYFS join us in the library for our book scavenger hunt this week

Football Update

posted 06 Mar , 16:31 by J Croxon

On Tuesday night Mr Carlton and the girls football team travelled to Oasis Hobmoor in Yardley for the finals of the Alan Fowles Trophy. Our girls played well in challenging conditions and claimed a well deserved third place with Yardley Primary.

Thank you to our amazing parents and family members that braved the cold and the mud to cheer our girls on.

Attendance Update

posted 06 Mar , 16:31 by J Croxon

We are constantly promoting attendance and hold a number of competitions and award children with amazing attendance. Despite this, we are still really struggling to reach our target of 96%. In order to achieve this target, we all need to work together. I met with our attendance team in school this week and we have a clear plan of action moving forwards. If you need support to improve your child's attendance, then please speak to a member of our team (Ms Wale, Mr Wills or Mrs Wakelam).

A HUGE Well done to 5CF AGAIN this week who were our best attending class with 97.81%.

Attendance for this week: 94.03%

Year to date attendance: 94.76%

Junior PCSO's Clean Up

posted 06 Mar , 16:31 by J Croxon

Our Junior PCSO’s have been out and about with PCSO Brotherhood from Shard End Police Station this week patrolling the roads around our school and doing their bit to keep the streets clean and tidy.

We collected 5 bags of rubbish from around the community and even received a thank you from the Leader of Birmingham City Council for our Junior PCSO’s hard work and thoughtful actions.

Message from Mr Clarke

posted 06 Mar , 16:31 by J Croxon

What a REMARKABLY busy and successful week it has been. We kick started the week with our World Book Day celebrations. As always and in true Lea Forest tradition, the staff and children made a tremendous effort with their costumes. The whole day was based on children finding their reading identity as we continue to promote a love of reading across the whole school. Thank you to the parents that joined in with our Reading Crafternoon and our Reading book scavenger.

For the remainder of the week, I have accompanied our Year 6 children on their residential experience to Whitemoor Lakes with Mr White, Mrs Wood, Mrs Newbold, Miss Lewis and Miss McLaughlin. We’ve had such a wonderful time away from school. It’s always great to see the children out of the normal classroom setting and see them come out of their shells.

All of the children have been unusually brave and pushed their limits whilst carrying out activities including: canoeing, climbing, abseiling, high ropes and team games. These days will remain as memories for many years. As always, the children have been an absolute pleasure.

That brings us to the end of another week with lots to look forward to for next week, including Science week and Sports Relief.

Have a great weekend!