January 2018

Cashless School Reminder

posted 08 Jan , 09:31 by J Croxon

Parent Information: We are now a cashless school. Payments for dinners & events should be made online via ParentPay https://www.parentpay.com/ or at your local PayPoint equipped store with a PayPoint card. https://www.paypoint.com/en-gb?postcode=B33+9RD … Please contact the office if you require assistance.

Parents Evening Reminder

posted 19 Jan , 12:48 by J Croxon

Parents evening for this term are scheduled to take place on Tuesday the 13th and Wednesday the 14th of February. Appointment slips and letters will be sent out shortly.

Uniform Shop

posted 19 Jan , 12:49 by J Croxon

Did you know you can order all your uniform supplies from our online web shop? click here to visit our online shop

Every sale donates money back to our school as well!

Welcome Back

posted 19 Jan , 12:51 by J Croxon

It’s been lovely to see our children back in school over the past fortnight. We’ve already had a number of sporting successes with our Yr3 and Yr4 Gymnasts finishing 2nd and our Yr5 and Yr6 Dance Team winning their recent competition.

Our school is frequently being recognised both online and by our visitors for the outstanding quality of our children’s work and their polite and respectful behaviour around our school.

It’s also fantastic to see our library being used by parents on a regular basis after school. Mrs Jeacock has created a new riddle competition this term for all our after school library users to participate in. We’re also starting our reading workshops for parents. These sessions will be run for each class and all parents and carers are welcome to attend .

Our parent group is also working hard to raise funds and we’re looking forward to working with them and our wider community this year as we continue our journey to outstanding.

Parent Pay

posted 19 Jan , 12:52 by J Croxon

Thank you to our parents who have already made use of our new online payment system. We are now a cashless school and would like to remind parents that payments for trips, dinners and activities should be made through ParentPay or with your PayPoint card at the local shop.

Parent Pay

posted 19 Jan , 12:52 by J Croxon

Lea Forest Academy’s attendance target is 97%.

We are working hard to achieve this and would like to thank all of the parents who make sure that their children attend school regularly.

Well done to 3BS who currently have the highest attendance for the school year so far!

How does your child’s attendance compare?

It is a parent’s legal responsibility to ensure their children receive appropriate education. Failing to send your child to school regularly without good reason is a criminal offence and you may face court action.

This year parents at Lea Forest Academy have been fined a total of over £2700 for poor attendance.

Thank you for your support and don’t forget to check our attendance updates on Twitter and the school website.

Library Riddle Trail

posted 19 Jan , 12:52 by J Croxon

Come and answer as many questions/riddles in the library as you can.

New riddles will be added at every after school library session.

The child with the most correct questions/ riddles answered across the competition will win a £10 ASDA voucher!

*If more than one child has the most answers correct, the winner will be drawn out at random.


posted 19 Jan , 12:52 by J Croxon

All letters can be found on the school website under the “News” tab and on class dojo in class stories. Please let the office know if you have difficulty accessing these.


posted 19 Jan , 12:54 by J Croxon

Thank you to all the parents who are continuing to help keep our roads safe by parking away from the junctions and main gates. Birmingham City Council’s Traffic Enforcement team will be patrolling the area this term and will be issuing tickets to drivers that are parked in a dangerous or illegal manner.