February 2016

Roving Book Fair Visit

posted 29 Feb 2016, 13:45 by J Croxon

The Roving Book Fair is coming to Lea Forest Academy on Tuesday the 19th of April!

Every child will receive a £1 World Book Day Book Token that can either be exchanged for a special £1 World Book Day book or used to get £1 off any book costing £2.99 or more.

Uniform Donations Wanted

posted 29 Feb 2016, 13:42 by J Croxon

If you have any uniform tops, PE Kits or t-shirts that you no longer require and would be happy to donate to the academy please hand them into a teacher or a member of the office staff. We have a shortage of spare items in our nursery and reception classes and would welcome any donations of unwanted clothing that would fit 3 - 4 Year olds and 4 - 5 Year olds.

Fantastic Focus Fortnight!!!

posted 29 Feb 2016, 13:34 by J Croxon

We had 312 pupils who achieved 100% attendance over the Focus Fortnight which is 64.2% of the children at the school. It is good but we know we can do much better as we had very high levels of illness during the first part of the Spring Term.

For Year 1 to Year 6 the total number of pupils with 100% was 254 out of 386 which equates to 64.8% of our pupils.

Congratulations to the winners who were:


Gold - Summer Haslam 1JR £40

Silver - Aimal Sahi 2NO £20

Bronze - Abu Zeb 1BE £10


Gold - Tyghe Comerford 6NN £40

Silver –Fabian Givans 6MA £20

Bronze –Lea Shingler-Taylor 3ST £10

Absence from School - A reminder

posted 29 Feb 2016, 13:29 by J Croxon

All pupils are expected to be in school daily and on time. If your child is absent from school you MUST:

1. Call the academy by 9.30am on the morning of the first day of absence

2. Keep the academy informed during the absence, daily where possible and provide a return date.

3. Bring in the medical evidence such as an appointment card, letter confirming the appointment or prescription medication.

No contact during absence will result in an unauthorised code being given (this can lead to a Penalty Notice being issued by Education Welfare Service Court Section).

Please remember to contact the academy if you change your contact details.

World Book Day

posted 25 Feb 2016, 13:05 by J Croxon [ updated 25 Feb 2016, 13:11 ]

World Book Day is coming to Lea Forest on Thursday the 3rd of March 2016. Children can take part in our celebrations of reading by dressing up as their favourite character and writing a short review of their favourite story book. More information can be found on the World Book Day website www.worldbookday.com .

Parent Reminder

posted 4 Feb 2016, 15:07 by J Croxon [ updated 5 Feb 2016, 07:17 ]

Please can we remind all parents and carers that it is their responsibility to ensure that children do not bring inappropriate, dangerous or unsuitable items into the academy. In the event items are found by staff we will invite parents in to discuss the matter and appropriate actions will be taken.

Academy Closed - Friday 12th of February - Staff Training

posted 2 Feb 2016, 13:12 by J Croxon [ updated 2 Feb 2016, 13:13 ]

Due to Staff training Lea Forest will be closed to all pupils on Friday the 12th of February. We will reopen after the half term holidays on Monday the 22nd of February at 8am.

Lea Forest is a No Nut Zone!!!

posted 2 Feb 2016, 13:09 by J Croxon

There are a number of pupils in our academy who have a severe allergy to nuts including: peanuts, peanut butter, pecans, walnuts, nut oils and nut flavourings etc. Touching or eating these items may provoke a severe allergic reaction. For the safety of these pupils, we are asking parents not to send any food containing these items to school, for a snack or in their packed lunch box. This includes any sweets, chocolates, cakes or spreads that may contain nuts.

A Massive Well Done!!!

posted 2 Feb 2016, 13:08 by J Croxon

A massive WELL DONE! To the Lea Forest Gymnastics Team Year 3 and Year 4 had our first ever gymnastics competition this week! They had to learn routines for both the floor and vault, then perform in front of other schools and judges. They finished in a solid 3rd place but more importantly showed off our Academy and our values. Well done!

Lock Down Procedures - Advice for Parents

posted 2 Feb 2016, 13:07 by J Croxon

At Lea Forest Academy we are dedicated to providing a safe environment for the children attending the school. In order for us to do this we have to ensure there are procedures in place in case of any emergency. In the highly unlikely event that the academy has to lockdown the school (where there is a known threat such as an intruder on site) please note the following:

We will communicate to parents as soon as is practical and safe to do via our normal communication channels.

DO NOT try and contact the school via phone as this could tie up telephone lines that are needed for contacting emergency providers.

DO NOT come to the school. This could interfere with emergency provider’s access to the school and may even put yourselves and others in danger.

WAIT for the school to contact you about when it is safe for you to collect your children, and where this will be from.

During this period the telephones and entrances will be unmanned and all external doors will be locked. Nobody will be allowed in or out of the school.


posted 2 Feb 2016, 13:05 by J Croxon [ updated 2 Feb 2016, 13:05 ]

We still need your 2 litre pop bottles. As a school Lea Forest are investing in Health for Life. As part of this we will soon have a school allotment where we will be growing fantastic fruit and vegetables that will be used in our school dinners. In order to start off the seeds for these we are building a greenhouse made entirely of fizzy pop and water bottles. These MUST be 2 litre bottles so that they all fit together properly. If you do drink these, please can you wash them out and send them in to school. We need 1500 to build a whole greenhouse so your help will be very much appreciated.

Educational Trips and Visits

posted 2 Feb 2016, 13:04 by J Croxon [ updated 2 Feb 2016, 13:04 ]

Year 6: Monday 8 February to Wednesday 10 February - Residential Trip Whitemoor Lakes

Nursery AM: Thursday 25 February - Ash End Farm

Nursery PM: Friday 26 February - Ash End Farm

Year 1: Wednesday 2 March - West Midlands Safari Park

Diary Dates

posted 2 Feb 2016, 13:03 by J Croxon [ updated 2 Feb 2016, 13:03 ]

Spring Term Sing up day!: Wednesday 3 February Year 1 and Year 2 parents invited

Staff Training Day: Friday 12

February Half Term: Monday 15 February – Friday 19 February

Spring Term Ends: Thursday 24 March

Summer Term Staff Training Day: Monday 11 April

Summer Term Starts: Tuesday 12 April

Half Term: Monday 30 May - Friday 3 June

Summer Term Ends: Friday 22 July