Anti Bullying

What is bullying?

Bullying is behaviour which deliberately makes another person feel uncomfortable, distressed or threatened. It is often repeated over a period of weeks and months. Bullies attempt to make their victims feel intimidated and powerless to defend themselves.

Why are we against bullying?

At Lea Forest we believe that every member of our academies community matters because we know that:

What types of bullying are there?

Bullying occurs in many types and forms, it can be:

What are the signs and symptoms of bullying?

Bullying affects different people in different ways and they may indicate signs or behaviours that show they are being bullied. Staff are trained to recognise these signs and will investigate and support a child if they believe their behaviour is as a result of bullying:

What causes bullying?

Our school council was asked in 2013 to identify the causes of bullying. They identified that people can bully for different reasons:

- Childline - thinkyouknow e-safety

Lea Forest Anti Bullying Policy

Lea Forest E-Safety and Online Technologies Policy

Updated October 2023