Why Lea Forest?

When we opened as an academy we wanted our new name and our badge to reflect our community and our whole academy family. We researched the history of the local area and discovered that in Anglo Saxon times the area that our academy site was situated on was known as "Leah Forest" In more modern times the area was renamed Lea Village when a new estate was built in the 1930's including the two schools that made up the academy buildings today. As a school we felt it was appropriate to revisit our history and establish links with our community, by combining the historical and modern names of our local community in the name of our academy. Our children also felt that the name reflected our schools environmental outlook and our well established and managed forest area, that is used to support the curriculum and develop children's knowledge and understanding of the wider world.

Our badge is designed to reflect our school's caring family approach, we have a mixture of supportive adults who act as role models and teachers for all our children. The four trees symbolise each of the elements of the academy from the our Early Years, Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2 and our supporting adults.  We are a family that strive to move the academy and local community forwards. The four navy blue panels are a reference to our sponsor the Academies Enterprise Trust which is a family of over 60 academies located throughout the country.

Updated February 2024