Link Schools

As part of our wider #OneAET family we work with several primary academies in Birmingham and the wider Midlands area including:

Anglesey Primary Academy

Beacon Prinmary Academy

Montgomery Primary Academy

Percy Shurmer Primary Academy

Four Dwellings Primary Academy.

We also work with other AET academies across the UK, including:

Noel park Primary School

Trinity Primary Academy

North Ormesby Primary Academy

The Green Way Primary Academy

As a partnership we aim to develop our curriculum, teaching and resource bases and work collaboratively to improve learning outcomes and environments for our children and have a greater impact on our wider communities.

Lea Forest is works closely links with Topcliffe Academy. Through our school Link with Topcliffe, we aim to provide opportunities for everyone here at Lea Forest to work across our schools, sharing developments, resources and opportunities to collaborate

Updated November 2019