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posted 13 May 2019, 9:23 by J Croxon

Read all about MC Grammar in this Daily Mail Article... You might even recognise a few familiar "rap stars" in the pictures!

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The Curriculum magazine – edition four

posted 30 April 2019, 9:23 by J Croxon

How a remarkable School brought subjects to life - Published April 2019

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Lea Forest Primary Academy and Shirestone Academy visit Birmingham Airport

posted 14 March 2019, 8:03 by J Croxon

Event date: 2019-02-28

Lea Forest Primary Academy

Lea Forest Academy in Kitts Green, Birmingham have recently starting working with Enabling Enterprise and The Skills Builder Partnership. They are commiited to supporting their children to develop the essential skills which will assist them both now with their learning and in the future, as they find out more about the world of work.

Shirestone Academy

Located in Tile Cross, Birmingham, Shirestone Academy have also recently started working with Enabling Enterprise and The Skills Builder Partnership. As a school they are keen to ensure children have opportunities to work creatively and collaboratively developing their essential skills.

Birmingham Airport

The airport offers both domestic flights within the UK, and international flights to destinations in Europe, the Middle East, the Indian subcontinent, North America and the Caribbean. The Flight School offers a unique and exciting learning environment where the airport runways and associated activities can be viewed.

High Fliers

Teams from both schools arrived eager to learn more about the travel and aviation industry and received a warm welcome from Corporate Responsibility manager Andy Holding. The opportunity to find out about Andy's job, the many types of job roles at the airport and the Essential Skills required to do them, saw the children engaged from the off. Opportunities to view the planes taking off and landing and the run way crews in action, as well as an informative tour of the airport, enabled the 7 - 10 year olds to see the huge variety of jobs needing to be done in order that the airport runs smoothly and that all of the passengers who pass through are safe, secure and happy on their travels. Mixed age and school teams were then quick to set to work to re-brand a failing airline, considering their target market and how they could best attract new customers to an airline.

Read the original article here:

Episode 34: My curriculum conversation with Ofsted’s Chief Inspector, Amanda Spielman

posted 14 Feb 2019, 8:03 by J Croxon

Listen as Lea Forest's curriculum is discussed by Caroline Pudner and Ofsted Chief Inspector Amanda Spielman.

SSAT Innovation and Impact Day - Feed Back

posted 14 Feb 2019, 7:57 by J Croxon

Many thanks to the staff at Lea Forest Academy who hosted a fantastic Innovation and Impact Day for member schools last week. All delegates evaluated the event as five stars and there was an overwhelming amount of positive feedback included in the evaluation forms and on Twitter!

How a remarkable school brought their curriculum to life

posted 16 Jan 2019, 9:57 by J Croxon

Read the article in full here

Over 2100 schools across the UK use the Cornerstones Curriculum in a variety of unique and inspiring ways. In this blog, Caroline reports on one school’s remarkable journey with Cornerstones.

Lea Forest Primary Academy’s motto is #findyourremarkable – and for good reason. Situated on the outskirts of Birmingham, it is simultaneously in the top 10% of deprived areas in the country and the top 10% of the UK’s highest performing schools.

Many factors contribute to the school’s success, including how they prioritise their curriculum. Headteacher, Craig Clarke, took on the Cornerstones Curriculum in 2014 and uses it to widen children's horizons, raise standards and bring a real buzz to the school.

Clear curriculum intent

Lea Forest knows that a good curriculum starts with clear intent and a set of agreed principles. Their mission is to offer ‘an excellent education that launches children into remarkable lives’. To help deliver this, a strong curriculum is key. Natasha Oliver, Curriculum Lead, says they wanted an ‘enriched, broad and balanced curriculum that is both skills and knowledge-based’. They chose Cornerstones, as it was easy to adapt in order to implement these curriculum aims.

Craig particularly likes the flexibility offered by the curriculum: ‘What’s so good about Cornerstones is that the different topics are drawn out for you. We’re able to choose the right topics that meet our children. We tailor the curriculum to meet their needs and what means something to them’.

Implementing a rich curriculum

Interestingly, and in line with Ofsted’s current message, the school believes that depth is as important as breadth – at times, even more so. Children are therefore offered plenty of opportunities to deepen their understanding of ‘the basics’, subjects and concepts.

‘We build on the experiences outlined in the projects. We choose the strands of each subject that cater to the needs of the children. We then focus on linking those strands of geography, history and so on together, providing a breadth of study’. This, says Craig, is how different subjects come together to bring the curriculum to life in meaningful ways for the children.

While Lea Forest Primary Academy chooses to teach English and maths as discrete subjects, these core skills are then reapplied in the topics, allowing opportunities for mastery and learning in context. And, to further develop their foundation subject knowledge, many literacy lessons are linked to the topic, for example writing instructions for how to mummify a body in the ancient Egyptians project, Pharaohs. As Craig says ‘We’re applying and developing children’s skills across the curriculum; these link all the learning together.’

Overall, Craig is confident that subject knowledge and skills progress well across the school. ‘It’s really helpful that Cornerstones provides a tracker so you are able to ensure that there’s good coverage across the whole school. We use it to plan strategically.’

Memorable experiences

A central aim of the school’s curriculum is to widen children’s horizons, raise their expectations and aspirations. Lea Forest has prioritised making enriching experiences, such as trips and lessons that take children out of their normal frame of reference, part of their pupil offer. As Mark White, teacher and science lead says ‘Because our children don’t get these experiences in everyday lives, everything comes through the curriculum’. In fact, in one Year 5 class of 30, only two children had ever been to a beach. Craig feels it is crucial to provide these experiences for the children, to help them engage with a topic and for their knowledge and understanding to stick. ‘We plan strategically which memorable experiences we want our children to have. When they remember these experiences, they learn more and take on skills for lifelong learning.’

Quality of work

A curriculum book for the Year 5 Off with Her Head! project.

Presentation and high-quality work are a key focus at Lea Forest. Expectations are high and children know that their efforts are valued. The quality of learning is evident when you walk around the school and see the work on display and in classrooms. Followers of the school on social media will know that the teachers regularly share examples of children’s learning, particularly their stunning curriculum books. At the start of every project, every child is given a book featuring engaging templates and backgrounds for them to create a highly-presented record of their learning. The curriculum books have been a huge success in school and give children and teachers a real sense of achievement. And the children are very proud of the work they do, whatever the subject. As Mark says ‘not all children feel like they are great writers, but may excel in other subjects, like art’. The books also instil the children with an awareness of how far they have come and what they’ve learnt.

A curriculum book for the Year 5 Pharaohs project.

Knowing the impact of the curriculum

The school has seen a significant impact on both outcomes and well-being in school. Craig is impressed with how results have improved: ‘We feel there’s an equal balance between knowledge and skills and children are getting a really good deal. This has transferred to our results. For example, over the last three years, our SATs results are now above the national average, and our greater depth standard score has improved. Having enjoyable experiences really does have an impact on their learning.’

Staff have already felt a positive impact on their workload since using Cornerstones. In terms of planning, the project plans free teachers up to do what matters because, as Mark says, ‘You want most of your planning time to be used for your children’. The school have also found the Cornerstones resources to be a great starting point for teachers to add to or adapt, depending on the needs of their children.

Natasha Oliver, Curriculum Lead, also sees the potential long-term impact of the curriculum: ‘We want to equip children with lifelong skills and improve children's wellbeing. Children are also beginning to direct their own learning; they generate questions that direct the next line of enquiry.’ This active involvement, she says, is already helping learning ‘stick’.

Sharing and celebrating

The school has a real buzz about it with a strong teamwork culture. Staff support each other and live and breathe the school’s values and motto, always striving to create opportunities for children to be their ‘remarkable selves’. As anyone who follows Lea Forest on social media will know, the school regularly shares work and celebrates both the staff and children’s achievements. Craig has created Twitter accounts for each year group – even the curriculum has one! He says the use of social media is vital in sharing the achievements and outcomes of pupils with a range of audiences.

Ongoing journey

Lea Forest Primary Academy know what they want to achieve, and the journey they are on. The school is constantly evolving and makes excellent use of materials provided by Cornerstones, while drawing upon their expertise and the wider community, both online and in real life, to help make their school truly remarkable. Cornerstones are so proud to be part of their journey and wish them continued success and happiness.

About the school

Lea Forest Primary Academy, a large primary school of 480 children in the Kitts Green suburb of Birmingham. The school has a nursery and is a mixture of two to three form entry cohorts.


Cornerstones Curriculum

The Curriculum magazine

Follow Cornerstones on Twitter: @Cornerstonesedu

Follow Lea Forest Primary Academy on Twitter: @lea_forest_aet

Published by

Caroline Pudner

Caroline is a Curriculum Consultant at Cornerstones. She writes curriculum materials, teaching resources and blogs. Caroline has 10 years primary teaching experience and has worked in both museums and galleries education and adult education.

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Case study: A focus on literacy and numeracy

posted 11 Dec 2018, 21:27 by J Croxon

Written by: Craig Clarke | Originally Published: 08 March 2018

Achievement: Lea Forest pupils with the school’s reading and maths displays (all images)

Read the article in full here

Thorough implementation of reading and maths initiatives have paid off at Lea Forest Primary Academy. Craig Clarke explains

Lea Forest, an AET primary academy in the Kitts Green area of Birmingham, has been on a rollercoaster journey, starting with a “requires improvement” from Ofsted in 2014, which led to a whole-school approach to raising standards.

The school’s in-take reflects significant social deprivation and a legacy of mass unemployment in the area. Almost three quarters of the pupils are disadvantaged and qualify for Pupil Premium. The proportion of pupils with English as an additional language (EAL) is also above the national average. It is a two-form entry primary school with increasing numbers over the last few years and 468 pupils currently on roll.

However, in 2016 specific projects to accelerate progress and raise standards in reading and maths were initiated by a further Ofsted report, which concluded that “pupils’ love of reading is not widespread”, and “children do not learn consistently in reading, writing and maths”.

Over the last 12 months, the academy has worked relentlessly to drive up standards in maths and reading. It has embedded two initiatives that have demonstrated significant impact:

  • “Resilient Reader” – raising pupils’ self-belief, confidence, engagement and achievement with reading.
  • “Maths mastery”, a five-part model to develop pupils’ fluency, reasoning and problem-solving skills.

These projects have led to a marked increase in progress and attainment and a more practical approach to teaching, learning and assessment at Lea Forest.

What we did – reading

We partnered with another school through the Birmingham Education Partnership to help raise standards in reading. Lea Forest’s reading lead and I also attended an AET conference where the trust’s Resilient Reader approach was introduced.

Based around a superhero character called Resilient Reader, the strategy aims to inspire children to read regularly and to give them key skills, such as scanning and skimming texts, as well as support with vocabulary and techniques such as inference and explaining. The senior leadership team decided to introduce this at Lea Forest to provide a consistent, whole-school approach to teaching reading and to engage pupils.

Resilient Reader was launched to the staff, with high-quality resources ensuring that the new approach was visible in all classrooms during the spring term. Staff were motivated and keen to use Resilient Reader techniques in the classroom to improve the teaching of reading.

Furthermore, after visiting another school in Birmingham which had had success in reading, we introduced reading buddies: year 5 and 6 children support younger readers and share books. This allowed the children to develop their Resilient Reader skills independently. This continues, with huge success.

Non-negotiables were also discussed and agreed by staff and pupils – this led to consistency across the whole academy. Resilient Reader is now consistent in all year groups and the children can fully articulate the skills required to be a successful reader.

Elsewhere, our new school library, opened in September 2017, is now the heart of the school. It helps foster the love of reading and is open after school to serve the wider community, allowing pupils to share books with their parents.

Parent workshops have also helped to share the vision of reading with families, further strengthening the consistent approach to the teaching of reading. We are also sharing our approaches to reading with other Birmingham schools, and further afield. We are confident that our new approach will help us gain higher attainment and increased progress.

What we did – maths

We set up a maths change team to trial the maths five-part mastery model: show (representing), do (fluency), think (probing questions), explain (reasoning), solve (rich and complex tasks). Throughout the summer term, maths lead Rachel Ward and I trialled the new approach to the teaching of maths. The five-part model was introduced to all staff and non-negotiables were shared for the academic year. Staff also had INSETs, further training and coaching throughout the school year. Consistency was ensured by the senior leaders and middle leaders demonstrating good/outstanding teaching and learning in maths, and through regular showcases, in which staff were encouraged to share books, planning and resources in staff meetings.

The five-part model is now fully embedded and lessons, books and classroom environments are of a consistently high standard. Schools from as far away as Plymouth have visited to observe our approach to the teaching of maths.

The results

Now all classrooms have an interactive maths working wall which shows the five-part model with key examples, vocabulary, models and evidence of children’s work to support children in their learning journey. They also have a Resilient Reader display with a display of the “resilient reader of the week” to celebrate children’s achievements.

Pupils are also awarded certificates for their achievements and across the school, staff have exemplification booklets of high-quality activities and examples of work to support and share the best practice in the school.

Drop-in sessions enable middle leaders to support teachers in ensuring a consistent approach. A coaching model also supports and improves teaching, learning and assessment.

Although consistency is key, we never take away teachers’ individuality. Consistency sets the minimal expectation: anything else is a bonus.

The evidence of success came with the improved 2017 key stage 1 SATs results (reading from 62 to 77 per cent and maths from 58 to 72 per cent). At key stage two, reading results improved from 42 to 60 per cent, while maths went from 58 to 77 per cent. During the same period, school progress scores have gone from -3.7 to -0.3 in reading and from -1.7 to +2.4 in maths.

In addition, parents are increasingly involved in reading, including running after-school library sessions. Weekly reading competitions are also held in the library. Timetables and staff have been shuffled, resources are more vibrant, written work has seen profound changes, children and staff behave differently and the whole school has a positive vibe. All of these ingredients and the whole family pulling in the same direction are ensuring consistency and raising standards.

SSAT Article - Lea Forest Primary Academy

posted 08 Mar 2018, 16:17 by J Croxon

Article from SSAT published on the 8th of March 2018.

SSAT Case Study - Consistency is the key to success - Lea Forest Academy (1).pdf

Birmingham Schools Guide - 4 star rating

posted 15 Jan 2018, 14:37 by J Croxon

Lea Forest is the best school in our local area and we're delighted with our 4 star rating from the Birmingham Mail's 2018 school guide.

You can read the full report here.

Tag Rugby Finalists

posted 10 Jul 2017, 14:55 by J Croxon

Our team was one of many to be featured in the Evening Mail after taking part in the Tag Rugby tournament at Birmingham Exiles.

Onesie Wednesday At Lea Forest

posted 11 Apr 2017, 07:23 by J Croxon

On Wednesday the 22nd of March our children and teachers dressed up in their onesies in support of the Autism Society and raised a fantastic £230.75. Thank you to all who donated and took part.

Fantastic Fundraising From Lea Forest

posted 31 Mar 2017, 15:49 by J Croxon

Last Friday we raised an amazing £619.45 for Comic Relief! A huge thank you to all of our children and parents for donating and supporting this worthwhile cause!


posted 22 Mar 2017, 16:09 by J Croxon

Our children have raised £260.30 for Birmingham Children's Hospital as part of our Readathon Challenge. Thank you to all of our parents, family members and friends who sponsored our children and took time to read with them.

Fantastic Fundraising for Pudsey

posted 10 Feb 2017, 19:50 by J Croxon

Our children have raised £289.85 for children in Need in 2016. Thank you to everyone that supported our school.

Lea Forest is a Comic Relief Super School

posted 7 Feb 2017, 10:45 by J Croxon [ updated 7 Feb 2017, 10:46 ]

We're delighted to announce that Lea Forest is a Red Nose Day Super school! Thanks to all our children's hard work and efforts over the past few years we have helped Comic Relief to raise funds that support charities at home and in other countries. Well done Lea Forest!

Ofsted - Press Release

posted 9 Dec 2016, 08:21 by J Croxon

Primary Academy Has 'Ambitious Culture Of High Expectations' Says Ofsted

Pupils and staff at a Kitts Green primary are celebrating their school being upgraded to be officially rated 'good' by Ofsted team following their two day inspection in November.

Their report, just published, confirms that leaders and governors at Lea Forest Primary Academy in Hurstcroft Road have created 'an ambitious culture of high expectations' and the headteacher and senior leadership team 'provide highly effective and inspiring leadership.' They highlight that 'teaching has strengthened, attendance has improved and pupil's progress has accelerated so that pupils now achieve well in all key stages.'

Ofsted's twelve page full inspection report praises many areas of school performance, including:

  • communication with parents is very good and pupils are well supported in their transition to other schools.
  • teachers deploy teaching assistants effectively, who are well prepared for their roles, supporting pupils of all abilities.
  • pupils enjoy coming to school. They say they 'feel good' about themselves in school.
  • Ofsted confirms parents' judgements that behaviour is good and if they have any concerns they are quickly followed up.
  • learning gets off to a good start in the early years and children are now well prepared for learning in Year 1.
  • disadvantaged pupils achieve at least as well as other pupils in the school and sometimes outperform them.
  • Expectations have risen for the most able pupils and tasks are more challenging which helps them to achieve their full potential.

The three areas inspectors have set for development to further improve the quality of education at Lea Forest Primary Academy, are ensuring that work for the most able and low attaining pupils stretches their abilities and strengthens their skills; ensuring that approaches to assessing pupils' skills are consistent; as well as ensuring that the school improvement plans contain clear targets and milestones to monitor school development fully effectively.

Hilary Thompson, Headteacher at Lea Forest Primary Academy, said: ‘We are delighted that Ofsted have recognised the journey that the school has been on and the progress that the school has made. We are immensely proud of our children. They are a real credit to the school.

Sporting success at the Hockey Tournament.

posted 5 Dec 2016, 16:19 by J Croxon

Our Yr5 and Yr6 Hockey teams had a brilliant time at the KESH academy in Sheldon. Despite the cold weather the children played brilliantly and our A-Team came away with the 1st Place medals. Our B team came home in 2nd place Mr Q was please to see great teamwork and sportsmanship from our children!

Fantastic Fundraising from Lea Forest

posted 21 Oct 2016, 11:57 by J Croxon

We love to support great causes at Lea Forest and last term we helped to raise £193.58 for Sports Relief and a fantastic £332.93 for Macmillan Cancer Research. Thank you to all of our parents, carers and the wider community for your support.

Lea Forest raises £364.95 for The National Autistic Society

posted 5 Jul 2016, 18:35 by J Croxon

Our Autism Awareness Assembly May 2016

The Big Read - Birmingham's Book Bench Trail

posted 4 Jul 2016, 20:55 by J Croxon

Over 170 BookBench sculptures, decorated by young people in the West Midlands as part of The Big Read, a unique arts project to promote literacy development, will be on public display in Birmingham and beyond from 16th July until 13th September this summer.

The free Big Read trail will officially open during CBBC’s jam-packed Awesome Authors weekend at the Library of Birmingham and Centenary Square on Saturday 16th July and Sunday 17th July. A number of BookBenches will take centre stage in children’s workshops and will be on display at the event, which will also feature some of the UK’s best-loved authors including Dame Jacqueline Wilson, and CBBC’s biggest stars.

For eights weeks over the summer, benches shaped as open books, individually designed by nurseries, primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and community groups in the region, will be exhibited inside libraries, galleries, museums, cultural venues and book shops. There is also a whole host of literary-themed events and activities taking place around the displays to spark everybody’s interest in reading and writing.

Please click here to read the full article.

Great Fundraising from Lea Forest!

posted 25 Apr 2016, 17:47 by J Croxon

Last half term we raised a fantastic £194 for Book Aid International and £193.58 for Sports Relief. Thank you to all the children and parents for your support.

Local Schools Guide 2016

posted 26 Feb 2016, 15:27 by J Croxon

The Birmingham Evening Mail has analysed all the local government data to bring you the rundown on your local primary schools. Lea Forest Academy was put into focus to show its scores in relation to other schools in the area. You can also see how the primary school compares against other schools across England. Data is available on pupils attainment, average grades, the quality of the teaching and when the school was lasted inspected. The teacher to pupil ratio is also a good indication of the focus your child will get. Plus we can show how many full-time teachers there are at the school.

To see how well we faired please click on the link

Yr5 - Selfridges What on earth are we wearing project

posted 26 Feb 2016, 15:21 by J Croxon [ updated 26 Feb 2016, 15:24 ]

Children from Yr5 had to make Globes that represented our planet with sustainable materials as part of the What on earth are we wearing project in partnership with Selfridges Birmingham and Ahead Partnerships.

Our children from 5BS and 5MS designed and created ideas for their globes based on themes of recycling, the environment, water and life. They then created the real models using a selection of reclaimed and recycled materials.

A group of children from Yr5 were invited to the Selfridges store in Birmingham to see their finished globes on display. They also had the opportunity to meet and chat with the Lord Mayor of Birmingham and the High Sherif of the West Midlands and had a VIP breakfast in the Selfridges Restaurant to celebrate completing the challenge.

At the end of the morning they were presented with a certificate for taking part in the event, which is now on display in the trophy cabinet at Lea Forest so everybody can see it.

"It was the greatest time of my life." - David Yr5

"I was really happy to see our work on display." Danielle Yr5

"It was epic! and I really want to go again." Connor Yr5

"I was really excited to see our work on display." Zahra Yr5

Our children really enjoyed the visit to Selfridges and would like to say a huge thank you to everyone that organised the project. They were delighted to see they're finished work on display in the centre of Birmingham.

Lea Forest shares good practice at LLN-Birmingham

posted 24 Mar 2015, 14:55 by J Croxon [ updated 24 Mar 2015, 14:55 ]

Last week Mr Croxon and Mrs Sparkes presented a short film to the leading leaders group at Topcliffe Primary School. We had the opportunity to talk about our innovative practice with IPads, Apple expert Joe Morretti and our fantastic digital leaders. You can see our video presentation here.

Pyjama day raises £350.45 for Comic Relief

posted 14 Feb 2015, 17:27 by J Croxon [ updated 3 Mar 2015, 13:15 ]

We decided to start our fund raising early and have had a fantastic start raising £350.45 for Comic Relief! Let's keep it going and break our record.

Lea Forest - Birmingham Evening Mail Rating

posted 13 Sep 2014, 07:35 by J Croxon [ updated 26 Feb 2016, 15:26 ]

The Birmingham Evening Mail has analysed all the local government data to bring you the rundown on your local primary schools. Lea Forest Academy was put into focus to show its scores in relation to other schools in the area. You can also see how the primary school compares against other schools across England. Data is available on pupils attainment, average grades, the quality of the teaching and when the school was lasted inspected. The teacher to pupil ratio is also a good indication of the focus your child will get. Plus we can show how many full-time teachers there are at the school.

To see how well we faired please click on the link

CBBC Joke Machine - Aired 10/06/14

posted 13 Sep 2014, 07:35 by J Croxon [ updated 26 Feb 2016, 15:26 ]

Our amazing Yr6's have been on a TV adventure their first episode of CBBC's Joke Machine aired today and saw several of our children take part in a joke battle with another primary school. You can watch the episode on the BBC IPlayer here.

Yr4 Fete raises £216.81p for Cancer Research and Oxfam

posted 23 May 2014, 18:56 by J Croxon [ updated 14 Aug 2014, 13:28 ]

Our amazing Yr4's have planned, organised and run a summer fete in there classrooms today and raised an amazing £216.81p for charity! The children made cakes, created games and ran bring and buy stalls, throughout the day. Miss Warwick and Miss Jones would like to pass on their thanks to all of our children for helping to raise the money today.

Celebrating Sporting Achievement

posted 20 May 2014, 20:54 by J Croxon

These students have had a busy weekend, playing in an under 9's tournament at the nearby Aston Villa stadium and winning a few trophies as well. Congratulations from all at Lea Forest!

Even our Key Stage 1 children are getting involved in sport with a few of our Year 2 boys taking up cricket at the nearby Coleshill Cricket Club. Keep up the great work boys!

Lea Forest Raised £345.69 for Autism Awareness

posted 29 Apr 2014, 21:33 by J Croxon

Lea Forest's fund raising events last term have raised a total of £345.69 has been raised for Autism awareness. Huge thanks to everyone that helped raise money.

Lea Forest Raises £715.87 for Sport Relief

posted 31 Mar 2014, 20:26 by J Croxon [ updated 31 Mar 2014, 20:26 ]

£715.87 reasons why you've all done brilliantly for Sport Relief! We walked, ran, jumped and jogged our way around the mile, we've been on the television and we are thrilled to say that our children have raised £715.87 for Sport Relief 2014. A huge thank you to all the children, parents and staff for their time, support and donations.

Belf visit Lea Forest

posted 19 Mar 2014, 17:45 by J Croxon [ updated 19 Mar 2014, 17:45 ]

This afternoon I was treated to some time in a Year 5 classroom, in Lea Forest Academy, to see what pupils were doing with their new iPads. And it was a treat as well! Real enthusiasm and engagement was displayed and pupils were very keen to tell me how they were using them at home - both for school work and for fun- and how they photographed teacher resources so they could review them in their own time. There are great plans for embedding the iPads into home / school, learning and for flipping the classroom so we look forward to going back in the summer term to see how things are progressing. Thank you Miss Terry for letting me into your classroom and thank you to all the pupils for sharing their work with me.

Ruth Gardiner - Birmingham E-Learning Foundation

Ready, set, LEG IT for Sport Relief!

posted 5 Mar 2014, 21:22 by J Croxon [ updated 6 Mar 2014, 19:58 ]

Today, Wednesday 5th March, 90 very brave children from three very brave Academies Enterprise Trust (AET) schools took on a challenge like no other.

Four Dwellings Academy, Lea Forest Primary Academy and Montgomery Primary Academy swapped the books for the brawn as they competed in the UK’s very first 31-legged race at the Birmingham NEC – all in the name of Sport Relief.

Inspired by a competition craze that has swept Japan, the race gave the popular playground game a super-sized upgrade, with an incredible 30 children running with their legs tied.

After weeks of training and practice, the race was started today by Bobby White (team GB handball captain for London 2012 Olympics) as each school took to the floor in an attempt to reach the final.

Cheered on by friends, teachers and Blue Peter presenters no less, Montgomery Primary Academy and Four Dwellings Academy pipped Lea Forest Primary Academy to the post by a mere 10 seconds.

Both schools will now compete in the competition’s final – supported by children from Lea Forest Primary Academy – which will feature on BBC One’s Sport Relief Games Show on Sunday 23rd March.

Blue Peter presenter, Radzi Chinyanganya said: “A 31-legged race is no mean feat, the schools have only had six weeks to train. All the teams have been working incredibly hard but it's definitely paid off. It’s easily as tough as a Blue Peter challenge and what an honour it’s been to be part of it! Well done, everyone!”

Sunaia Mohamed, 10, from Montgomery Primary Academy said: “I’m so happy we’re through to the final! I love Sport Relief and it’s been really fun to be part of it. It was really hard at first and we had to practice loads but it was so fun in the end! I hope all schools do their bit now – although not many people can say they’ve done a 31-legged race!”

Schools can join in the fun and games too by organising their own Sainsbury’s Sport Relief event on Friday 21st March.

And children and families across the country can also take part in the Sainsbury’s Sport Relief Games by running different distances and raising money to help change lives

Birmingham Mail - Success Stories 23/1/14

posted 22 Jan 2014, 20:21 by J Croxon [ updated 22 Jan 2014, 20:21 ]

Lea Forest was chosen for the Birmingham Mail feature - Success Stories on the 23/1/14

You can read the full article from the Evening Mail from Thursday 23rd of January

Birmingham Mail_23-01-2014_B_007_BBM1ST.pdf

Pudsey presented with a cheque for £23,795

posted 22 Jan 2014, 20:01 by J Croxon

Lea Forest was delighted to welcome Pudsey Bear to the academy today to receive a cheque from the Academies Enterprise Trust for £23,795. Pudsey had time to meet the children in Year 1 and Miss Gill who helped Lea Forest make and sell Pudsey Cookies. He then went on to visit our Early Years Department and saw all of the children in Nursery, Mr Haw's and Mrs Newton's class.

Thanks for visiting us Pudsey!

Team Lea Forest Raises over £400 for Movember!

posted 2 Dec 2013, 19:04 by J Croxon [ updated 2 Dec 2013, 19:04 ]

Children and staff took part in a big shave off to celebrate raising £405 for the Movember appeal. Mr Haw was delighted with the success and praised staff and children for helping to raise awareness and money for this great cause.

Lea Forest Staff Raise £50.00 for Macmillan Cancer Support

posted 5 Nov 2013, 18:52 by J Croxon

Our staff have raised £50.00 for Macmillan Cancer Support. Thank you to Mrs Hudson for the great cakes.

Darla Wins Cadbury World Competiton

posted 23 Oct 2013, 11:00 by J Croxon

Darla from 5BS has won a great competition, she created a great picture of the famous Cadbury building in Bournville, Birmingham. As part of her prize Darla received a pack of colours, a Coco Beanie Teddy Bear and a great certificate. Well Done Darla from all at Lea Forest

Birmingham Evening Mail - 11th March 2013 - World Book Day Dressing Up

posted 5 Aug 2013, 15:11 by Web Admin [ updated 5 Aug 2013, 15:11 ]