About Us

We are committed to providing a good education which prepares children for adult life and equips them to make educated choices about any decisions that they may face. In an ever more competitive world it is important that we give children the skills that allow them to be their best and develop a high expectation of themselves and others. To this end we expect all of our children to wear our academy uniform, attend academy daily unless ill and be punctual and polite at all times. Our academy has a clear behaviour policy which all children are expected to follow at all times.

We aim to foster good relationships with our pupils so that they feel safe and confident to talk to any adults about any concerns they have about any aspect of academy or home life. All children are aware that the academy deals with concerns quickly and and treats their safety and well being as the highest priority.

As an academy, we recognise that we all learn best when we are motivated and therefore we seek to greatly enrich the curriculum with first hand experiences that reflect the diversity of the cultural, religious and social backgrounds of our community. We aim to provide positive images and expect all adults to act as role models for the children. We know that our children learn from the adults that they come into contact with on a daily basis, therefore we expect all staff, volunteers and pupils to behave in a professional manner that models strong relationships built on mutual respect and common aspirations. We also ask that whilst on academy premises, parents and carers behave appropriately, and respect the policies that are in place to protect the academy and it's surrounding community.

We recognise that our children do well when they are supported at home, attend regularly and are motivated by their family to do well and succeed in life. As an academy, we know that the way many parents were taught has changed significantly and in order to support your child fully you may guidance and support. We therefore aim to hold regular workshops, where you can learn alongside your children and gain simple practical ideas that can be used at home.

-Updated November 2017-