Building Refurbishment

August 2023 Update

Over the summer holidays we have carried out extensive refurbishments of our Reception, Nursery and Elmer classrooms and toilets. Each room has been repainted, with new flooring furniture and energy saving technology added. Our classrooms are shown below awaiting their new floors after repainting in their new white and grey colour scheme. Our children's toliets have also been completely refurbished with new water saving toilets, taps and sinks. 

June 2023 Update

A huge thank you to our friends at Jaguar Land Rover who have completed a community project over the last few weeks at Lea Forest revamping and renovating our Forest School Area. We think you'll agree the new landscaping, wood stores and base camp area look stunning. 

We can't wait to use this fantastic outdoor area with our children.

May 2023 Update

Our gardens and allotments have been given a refresh over the half term holiday with the addition of our new polytunnel greenhouse. 

We can't wait to see what our green-fingered students grow in this amazing resource.

April 2023 Update

Our Year 1 playground is ready for it's big reveal to our children and we think the new look complete with stage, story spaces, wig-wams and an incredible climbing frame is a great addition to our school. The children will love returning to school on Monday to this!

March 2023 Update

Our next big refurbishment project starts this week our Year 1 and Year 2 playground has been stripped back to it's foundations ready for it's brand new look. We can't wait to share our newly refurbished playground with you in the summer term.

Work has commenced on our Key Stage 1 playground this week.  I am so excited to see the finished product. This should be finished and ready to use in 4 weeks.

February  2022 Update

Work continues to replace our flat roofs. Our builders have moved onto the Key Stage 2 hall which will have the most noticeable change as the builders remove layers of brickwork to lower the height of the roof.

Over the course of the next 6 months all of our blocks will have their roofs replaced, with new insulation added to improve our buildings carbon footprint and reduce heat loss.

September 2021 Update

Work has begun to replace our flat roofs.

Over the course of the next 6 months all of our blocks will have their roofs replaced, with new insulation added to improve our buildings carbon footprint and reduce heat loss.

August 2021 Update

Over the summer holidays our Key Stage 2 Hall has been extensively refurbished with new flooring, new paint scheme and new audio visual equipment and blinds. We can't wait to have our first assembly back in the hall this autumn. 

October 2020 Update

After nearly 80 years of service, our old main entrance and offices finally said goodbye to parents on the 1st of October. 

Our new building finally opened and we think you'll agree the new building is remarkable and gives us an amazing set of facilities to help support our children and parents.

Inside the new Hurstcroft Road block you can find:

September 2020 Update

Our new Hurstcroft Road Main Entrance and Admin block is almost complete as the final colourful cladding, weather proofing and signage is applied. 

The interior of the new block is stunning, modern and welcoming with our new Reception desk and information screen all ready for the grand opening.

Our Innovation Hub was opened in September 2020! Featuring a recording studio, green screen TV studio and several amazing features.

This room is a unique and special learning environment that our children enjoy.

July 2020 Update


Our new innovation hub is also progressing with the classroom stripped, plastered and awaiting paint and flooring next.


Phase one of our rebuilding and renovation work is nearing completion.

The new entrance is almost ready and will have the finishing touches added over the summer holiday.

May 2020 Update


Phase one of our rebuilding and renovation work is nearing completion as the new entrance is block is fully glazed, and all of the interior is fitted out. 

We're just waiting on the finishing touches and then we'll get the building ready for a grand reveal when we're ready to open again.  

April 2020 Update


The glazing is going in and the exterior is almost complete. We can't wait to see the cladding going on in the coming days.

February 2020 Update


The roof is now on and being made watertight and the rear walls are being finished ready for the windows and doors to be added in the coming weeks.

January 2020 Update


We've had our first look inside the new building and we're amazed with the size of the new entrance hall and offices. The rooms are taking shape now and within the next few weeks the building's outer cladding and glazing should be completed.


The timber frame of the building is almost complete. Our builders have worked incredibly hard this week to get most of the buildings framework completed this week.


The new entrance and office foundations are almost ready for the concrete to be poured. 

December 2019 Update


Our builders are working hard despite the awful weather! The first foundations for our new conference room have been poured today. 


The walls of the new meeting rooms and offices are starting to appear as the first bricks are laid.


The walls are starting to appear as the first bricks are laid.

November 2014 Update


The concrete foundations have been poured and the building sites has been cleared ready for the walls to be constructed.


The pillars  have come down and the digger has cleared the site and dug out the foundations ready for our new building to be constructed. 

October 2019 Update


The site has been almost completely cleared of the old link corridor with only the brick columns left standing.


Work has begun this month to demolish the existing link corridor and remove the trees from around the building site on Hurstcroft Road.

Building Work: 

We’re excited to announce that over the next 12 months our main building will undergo  a major facelift & refurbishment with the demolition of the current link corridor & caretakers house & the construction of a smart new entrance on the Hurstcroft Road side of our building.

Hurstcroft Road Elevation - New Admin Block Main Entrance and Corridor

New Link Corridor  Admin Block Playground Elevation 

Associated Plans and Documents

Updated August 2023