Time Capsule Competition

We're launching our Trust's Time Capsule Competition today!

In this competition we are challenging our children to work on their own, in pairs or a group of three to develop or represent five things for their time capsule, (to be opened in 10 years - if you wish to do that!).

Those items are: One indispensable thing about your academy - what makes your academy remarkable?

Four items that represent how living each one of the Remarkable Lives values will help create Our Remarkable World in 10 Years Time (it can be e.g. an object or behaviours, or something else!)

And of course, this is also an invitation to create their very own Time Capsule!

Perhaps there’s a way to…

Push the limits with a new piece of technology - Imagine what you might be using in 10 Years time?

Be unusually brave with a bold new idea, or a message the World needs to hear.

Discover what’s possible by raising our aspirations, thinking outside the box, or working collaboratively. Be big-hearted through how we act towards and speak to others.

Collect your competition forms from Mr Croxon’s room or download from the link Entry Forms

Make sure your entries are returned by Friday April 12th 2019 More Information can be found on our Trust's Website

Updated March 2019