September 2015

Polite Reminder

posted 25 Sep 2015, 20:03 by J Croxon [ updated 25 Sep 2015, 20:04 ]

Can we remind you that Dogs are not allowed on the school premises.

Please can we also remind you that children should not be riding bikes on the school premises.

Harvest Festival Collection

posted 25 Sep 2015, 19:58 by J Croxon [ updated 25 Sep 2015, 20:01 ]

Please help feed local people in crisis by buying items from our list and donating them to Stechford foodbank.

Donations can be brought into School from Thursday 24 September to Friday 2 October either into class or via the main office.

Suitable Items Include:

Milk (UHT or powdered)

Sugar (500g)

Fruit juice (carton)


Pasta sauces

Sponge pudding (tinned)

Tomatoes (tinned)


Rice pudding (tinned)

Tea Bags/instant


Charity News

posted 25 Sep 2015, 19:55 by J Croxon [ updated 25 Sep 2015, 19:55 ]

Thank you to all the parents and carers who donated cakes and sent money in with the children this week we raised a fantastic £290.00 for our Macmillan Cancer Appeal.

Welcome to the team!

posted 25 Sep 2015, 19:52 by J Croxon [ updated 25 Sep 2015, 19:53 ]

We now have three Assistant Head Teachers – Mr Taylor and Mr Clarke who are new to Lea Forest and Mrs Gonzales (formely Miss Kenny)

Mrs Cummins is our new Clerical Assistant and First Aider.

Our new Teaching Assistants - Miss Beharie, Mrs Lewis (Year 6) and Mrs Bowker

Mrs Palmer - Rapid Maths Teacher

Our new Apprentice Teaching Assistants - Miss Cooper and Miss McLaughlin

New Teachers - Miss Giles (4JG) and Mrs Wilson (RAW)

Mrs Begum – Lunch time Supervisor

Admissions Reminder Year 7 2016

posted 25 Sep 2015, 19:51 by J Croxon [ updated 25 Sep 2015, 19:51 ]

Applications for Year 7 places for September 2016 must be submitted by Monday 2 November 2015 to School Admissions at Birmingham City Council online or call 0121 303 1888

Nursery and 2016 Reception places

posted 25 Sep 2015, 19:47 by J Croxon [ updated 25 Sep 2015, 19:48 ]

We still have part time places left in our Nursery for this year. Please collect an application form from the school office if you require a place.

The deadline for applications for 2016 Reception places is Friday 15 January 2016. These must be made through School Admissions at Birmingham City Council online or call 0121 303 1888

Spotlight Fines Update

posted 25 Sep 2015, 19:44 by J Croxon

£1330 Fines issued in September by Birmingham City Council

One parent has been fined £980 for their child not attending school. Please ensure your children are in school every day and on time. If they are not able to attend please ensure you contact the school office on 0121 675 3985.

Dates for your diary

posted 25 Sep 2015, 19:40 by J Croxon

Autumn Term 2015

Harvest Festival Themed Dinner: Thursday 1 October

Food Bank collections: Thursday 24 September to Friday 2 October

Half Term: Monday 26 October – Friday 30 October

Term Ends: Friday 18 December

MacMillan Coffee Morning 2015

posted 21 Sep 2015, 12:46 by J Croxon [ updated 21 Sep 2015, 12:46 ]

Lea Forest are once again taking part in the MacMillan Coffee Morning on Wednesday

23 September 2015. We raised over £600 for the charity last year and hope to do the same this year with your support.

Please could the children bring cakes into school on Tuesday 22 September, ready to sell to the whole school at playtime on Wednesday 23 September. The cakes must be shop bought and must not contain any nuts.

The children will be able to purchase cakes at playtime on Wednesday and we would ask that you send your child with 20p coins to buy the cakes of their choice. Please do not send more than £1.00 per child.

We look forward to sharing some delicious cakes with the children and supporting a charity that carry out amazing work helping so many people suffering from cancer and their families that care for them.

Thank you for your support with the scrummiest morning of the year.

Collection times

posted 18 Sep 2015, 18:16 by J Croxon [ updated 18 Sep 2015, 18:16 ]

Please can we remind all parents that children must be collected on time from the academy.

Home times are as follows:

Nursery, Reception and Key Stage 1 can be collected from 15:10 from the lower playgrounds and infant building.

Key Stage 2 can be collected from 15:15 from the junior building and junior playgrounds.

All gates to the building are closed at 15:30 promptly. After this time children must be collected from the main office.

Dinner Money - September 2015

posted 11 Sep 2015, 14:25 by J Croxon

The vast majority of our pupils now have a school dinner – these are cooked on the premises and are delicious. However, if your child does bring sandwiches please remember we are a “Healthy School”. Packed lunches should not contain sweets of any kind – one small snack type biscuit is acceptable along with sandwiches and fruit; fizzy drinks are not allowed at dinnertime. Children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 now receive a free school dinner as part of the Government’s new initiative.

Nursery: £1.75 per day or £8.75 per week Year 3-6 £2.10 per day or £10.50 per week

Fresh fruit is free for Key Stage 1

A slice of toast is available at 10p per slice for Years 3-6

Please send dinner and trip money into school with your child’s name and class on a clearly labelled envelope.

Yr1 and Yr2 are not required to pay for school meals.

Leave in term time

posted 8 Sep 2015, 12:07 by J Croxon [ updated 8 Sep 2015, 12:08 ]

Please be aware that leave in term time will not be granted so should not be booked. Your cooperation in this matter is much appreciated.

Mrs H Thompson

Head Teacher


posted 8 Sep 2015, 12:01 by J Croxon [ updated 8 Sep 2015, 12:02 ]

What to wear - Boys

-Grey Trousers

-Red Sweatshirts with Lea Forest Logo or Plain Red Sweatshirt

-Red Polo Shirt with Lea Forest Logo or Plain Red Polo Shirt or Plain White Polo Shirt

-Grey Socks - Black Shoes

-Please note: boots are not acceptable footwear in the academy.

What to wear - Girls

-Grey Skirt or Grey Trousers

-Red Sweatshirts with Lea Forest Logo or Plain Red Sweatshirt or -Plain Red Cardigan

-Red Polo Shirt with Lea Forest Logo or Plain Red Polo Shirt or Plain White Polo Shirt

-Grey Socks or Grey Tights

-Black Shoes (Boots and open toe sandals are not acceptable footwear in the academy.)

-Simple Red and White Gingham Dress

-Plain Red or White Head Scarves

-Coloured tights and leggings should not be worn to the academy. -Jewellery, false nails and make up should not be worn in the academy.

What to wear - PE and Sports Uniform

We require all parents and carers to provide a sports uniform for their child to enable them to participate safely in sports activities.

All children require the following items:

-Red T Shirt

-Black Shorts

-Black Slip on pumps for indoor use

-Jogging Bottoms or track suit trousers for outdoor use

-Sweatshirt for outdoor use

-Trainers for outdoor use

-Swimming kit and towel for swimming lessons

Please ensure that all clothing is clearly marked with your child's name, so that it can be returned to you in the event that it is misplaced.

Late Collections

posted 8 Sep 2015, 11:17 by J Croxon [ updated 8 Sep 2015, 11:18 ]

Please ensure that you collect your child on time at the end of the school day.

Foundation and Key Stage One Children should be collected from 3:10pm

Key Stage Two Children should be collected from 3:15pm

We will be monitoring late collections. Letters reminding parents/carers of finishing times and also requesting parents/carers to attend a meeting will be sent if they persistently collect their child late.

Kind regards

The Learning Mentor Team

Personal Belongings

posted 8 Sep 2015, 11:09 by J Croxon [ updated 8 Sep 2015, 11:10 ]

Dear Parents,

Please can we remind you that pupils are not permitted to bring their own sports equipment or games into school. The school has purchased a large amount of equipment for this school year. If any pupil brings their own belongings in they will be confiscated. Any confiscated items will need to be collected by a parent/carer from the main office and will not be returned to the pupil.

Mobile phones are not normally permitted in school. If your child is in Year 5 or Year 6 and walks home alone and you feel they need to have a mobile phone please request that an appointment is made with Mr Wills, Senior Learning Mentor via the main office to discuss the matter further.

Your support is appreciated

The Learning Mentor Team

Attendance 2015 - 2016

posted 8 Sep 2015, 11:01 by J Croxon [ updated 8 Sep 2015, 11:06 ]

Attendance at Lea Forest Primary Academy will be a priority this academic year; the school’s target is 97% and we will be working very hard to achieve that!

This week we will be sending out two letters in regards to attendance; the first letter will be going to every parent/carer of a pupil at Lea Forest Primary Academy. This letter will provide details of the Education Welfare Support Spotlight campaign that the school runs to tackle unacceptable levels of attendance. At Lea Forest we will start to monitor pupils once they have fallen below 95%. The second letter is being sent to parents/carers of pupils whose attendance was less than 95% for last academic year (2014-2015).

Worryingly we have over 160 pupils who fall into this category. These pupils will be monitored from the beginning of this term. This is a serious concern and has resulted in 30 families being referred to the spotlight campaign last year.

If you have any enquiries about attendance please contact Mr Wills, Senior Learning Mentor, Attendance Lead & DSL via the main office.

Mrs H Thompson

Head Teacher