December 2014

SEND Notices and Information

posted 19 Dec 17:34 by J Croxon [ updated 13 Jan 2015, 15:08 ]

Review meetings were held for some of the children in school during November and December 2014 with Mrs Law. Many schools in Birmingham have been affected by the computer network system malfunctioning including our Academy. As a result of this, many new Individual Plans have not been sent home before the end of term as promised. We will get these to all parents/guardian concerned as soon as possible in the new term.

Apologies for this delay and thank you for your patience

Head Teacher's Message

posted 19 Dec 2014, 17:31 by J Croxon [ updated 19 Dec 2014, 17:31 ]

It is hard to believe another term has flown by and we are breaking up for Christmas. It has been a particularly busy and exciting term, starting on a real low with the sad loss of Dawn Williams in August, but ending with the celebration of her life at the opening of the memorial garden yesterday. This was funded through the generosity of our families and her friends within school. The opening ceremony attended by many members of Dawn’s family was beautiful. We will all remember her.

Following really positive feedback from our Ofsted team we look forward, in the Spring Term, to building on our strengths and developing our practice in line with the advice and guidance provided.

The children have been involved in a variety of activities and experiences, planned around our new curriculum which have excited and engaged the children with learning. The activities have included many exciting visits out of school and some interactive experiences arranged within school. We look forward to many more visits and experiences next term. Thank you to all of our parents for supporting these experiences through paying the termly £5.00 contribution. Without this contribution these trips and experiences cannot take place.

I know you will all want to join with me in wishing Mrs Burke and Mrs Evans every success and happiness in their new ventures; Mrs Burke takes the next step on her career path by taking up her first headship at Percy Shurmer Academy, and Mrs Evans as she begins a new life in sunny Spain. Both Mrs Burke and Mrs Evans have given so much to the school over the years and made many friends across our community. We will all miss them greatly.

Everyone at Lea Forest Academy would like to wish you all a happy, safe and enjoyable Christmas and a prosperous New Year

Christmas Assemblies at Lea Forest

posted 8 Dec 2014, 08:23 by J Croxon [ updated 8 Dec 2014, 09:00 ]

EYFS - Tuesday 16 December

The children will be taking part in the 'Shine, Star Shine' production. The children will be telling the nativity story and singing a variety of traditional and modern songs.

KS1 - Wednesday 17 December

The children will be taking part in a traditional Carol Concert and telling the nativity story.

The children will be singing hymns including:

A Starry Night

1-2-3 Wise Men are we

Little Donkey

Away in a Manger

KS2 - Thursday 18 December 3-4 & Friday 19 December 5-6

The children will be taking part in a traditional Carol Concert and telling the nativity story.

A Starry Night

Silent Night

Little Donkey

Away in a Manger

3 Might Kings

O Little Town of Bethlehem

See Him lying on a bed of straw

Christmas Events at Lea Forest

posted 5 Dec 2014, 18:41 by J Croxon [ updated 5 Dec 2014, 18:52 ]

Wednesday 10 December

Christmas Dinner

Friday 12 December

Christmas Jumper Day – Save the Children

Monday 15 December

Magical Mystery Day

Tuesday 16 December

Early Years Foundation Stage Nativity

9.15am – 10.15am

KS2 Hall – Parents/Carers invited

Wednesday 17 December

Years 1 and 2 Carol Service

9.15am – 10.15am KS2 Hall – Parents/Carers invited

Thursday 18 December

Years 3 and 4 Carol Service

9.15am – 10.15am KS2 Hall – Parents/Carers invited

Thursday 18 December

Christmas Party (this will still be a Uniform Day)

Friday 19 December

Years 5 and 6 Carol Service 9.15am – 10.15am

Parents/Carers invited

Christmas Parties Thursday 18th December

posted 5 Dec 2014, 18:36 by J Croxon [ updated 5 Dec 2014, 18:37 ]

We are delighted to announce the Christmas parties for all pupils will take place on Thursday 18 December in the afternoon. We kindly request that parents donate suitable party food to be sent into the academy with your child on Thursday morning. Due to health and safety regulations, food needs to be shop-bought, in its original packaging, and must not contain nuts.

Magical Mystery Day - Autumn Term

posted 5 Dec 2014, 18:33 by J Croxon [ updated 5 Dec 2014, 18:33 ]

Magical Mystery Day is on Monday 15 December 2014. Children will be informed, next week, if they have been selected to join in with all the fun activities.

Keep Lea Forest Tidy

posted 5 Dec 2014, 18:30 by J Croxon [ updated 5 Dec 2014, 18:30 ]

Recently, the residents surrounding the academy have raised an issue with littering from parents and have seen parents throwing crisp packets, tissues and bags of rubbish from their car onto the pavements and the roads. Littering is a criminal offence and a fixed penalty notice can be issued. Please treat our neighbours and local community with respect and place rubbish in bins around our site or take it home.

Parent Information: After-School Clubs

posted 5 Dec 2014, 18:25 by J Croxon [ updated 5 Dec 2014, 18:25 ]

Central Coaching Team would like to notify all parents and carers there will be no After-School Clubs during the final week of this term. (Dec 15 - Dec 19)

Parent Conduct - A reminder

posted 3 Dec 2014, 19:16 by J Croxon

Parent/Carer conduct on the academy premises

Following the recent Ofsted inspection we are proud to say that the school works well with staff, pupils and parents and together we obtained a good judgment for behaviour and safeguarding. This shows that we value highly the safety of all children in our school.

In order to safeguard children we have a strict policy in school around the conduct of parents and carers on academy premises. I am writing to remind all parents and carers that we expect everybody who enters our premises to treat staff, pupils, other parents and visitors with courtesy and respect at all times.

This expectation also extends to all adults who are in the vicinity of the school at the start and end of the day, when our children are present. Any form of aggressive, abusive or insulting behaviour, or language from a parent that presents a real or perceived threat to the staff and/or pupils will not be tolerated. In such a circumstance, we have a power in common law to ban a parent from the premises. We can also remove or ban someone from entering the premises if there are reasonable grounds for suspecting someone has committed an offence.

As always we put the physical and emotional safety of our children at the heart of all the decisions we make. It is, and will remain to be a priority of this school to ensure all staff, parents and pupils have the right to be in a positive environment.

We would like to thank all of our parents for your ongoing support and co-operation.

Together we will continue to ensure that your children are safe, happy and receiving the best education in our school.