September 2014

Free Toast for Key Stage 2 Children

posted 26 Sep 2014, 14:59 by J Croxon [ updated 26 Sep 2014, 15:01 ]

You may be aware that the Government Initiative, the Healthy Food Programme, provide a healthy snack to all children in KS1. This means that all children up to and including Y2 receive either a piece of fruit or veg each day. We are now pleased to announce that with effect from Monday 6 October, children in KS2 (Year 3-6) will be offered toast during morning break. Children can if they wish, bring in their own snack from home, but please ensure this is fruit only.

Head teachers message

posted 26 Sep 2014, 14:56 by J Croxon [ updated 26 Sep 2014, 14:56 ]

We would like to express my sincere gratitude to the whole Community who have pulled together during a very difficult start to the year. The donations for Dawn Williams’ Memorial Garden are still arriving, and we will shortly be getting quotes from local Contractors to build and create a wonderful and everlasting memorial of Dawn.

Once again, thank you for your kindness and generosity.

Have your cake and eat it! - Thursday 25th September

posted 21 Sep 2014, 09:23 by J Croxon [ updated 21 Sep 2014, 09:24 ]

We are very excited to be raising money for Macmillan Cancer Nurses by taking part in the Macmillan Charity Event.

Mrs Williams was recently looked after by Macmillan nurses and they provided invaluable support to her and her family during their difficult time. To be able to make this an enjoyable and successful event, we need your help! Please can you ‘get baking’ and send some cakes or biscuits to school with your children on Wednesday 24 September.

The cakes will be sold on Thursday 25 September at break time for the children and at 2.45pm – 3.30pm for the parents in the year 1/2 and year 3/4 playgrounds.

Please join us for a fun afternoon.

Dinners and Money in School

posted 12 Sep 2014, 18:30 by J Croxon

The vast majority of our pupils now have a school dinner – these are cooked on the premises and are delicious. However, if your child does bring sandwiches please remember we are a “Healthy School”. Packed lunches should not contain sweets of any kind – one small snack type biscuit is acceptable along with sandwiches and fruit; fizzy drinks are not allowed at dinnertime. Children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 now receive a free school dinner as part of the Government’s new initiative.

Nursery: £1.75 per day or £8.75 per week

Year 3-6 £2.05 per day or £10.25 per week

Fresh fruit is free for Key Stage 1

A slice of toast is available at 10p per slice for Years 3-6

Please send dinner and trip money into school with your child’s name and class on a clearly labelled envelope.

Yr1 and Yr2 are not required to pay for school meals.

Breakfast Club

posted 12 Sep 2014, 18:27 by J Croxon [ updated 12 Sep 2014, 18:27 ]

We are currently the only school in the area to provide a free Breakfast Club from 8.00am. Pupils must be signed in by 8.30am via Door Number 4 on Eddish Road. They will not be admitted after 8.30am via the main entrance. If pupils are late they must wait until 8.45am to go into their classroom via the main gates.

Writing Competition with Pilot Partnership

posted 12 Sep 2014, 18:25 by J Croxon [ updated 12 Sep 2014, 18:26 ]

Here are the winners and runners up of the most recent competition- lots of your children have won throughout the year. It was a year-long project based on writing poetry and this last group were called “Shape Poems”. Pupils also took part in filming an anthology of poetry and we have that DVD waiting for you too. We will try and get them all delivered soon.

The poetry winners get a book of poetry with their name inside and the runners up get a certificate.

Winners: Ellie –Mae Spinks; Kai Karim-Smith

Runners Up: Iqra Begum, Lemeya Winter, Chloe Manuel, Carly Simpson, Khadeejah Hussain, Joseph Featherstone, Ayesha Adams, Amirah Begum, Heena Saddiq, Adrian Caddick

Welcome Back - Head Teacher's Welcome

posted 12 Sep 2014, 18:21 by J Croxon [ updated 12 Sep 2014, 18:21 ]

A very warm welcome back to the new academic year. I hope you all had a lovely summer holiday and managed to make the most of the good weather. The pupils have settled very well into their new classes, and it is lovely to have them back.

The start of the new school year is always an exciting time as we look forward to working with all our pupils to ensure that every single one of them does the best they possibly can in all areas of the curriculum.

To achieve this we aim to help them develop self-confidence by providing a range of opportunities both within and outside the curriculum and we are keen to work with you to make sure we succeed

Lea Forest @ Aston Villa

posted 8 Sep 2014, 15:35 by J Croxon [ updated 8 Sep 2014, 15:37 ]

Aston Villa tickets will be going on sale again starting Tuesday 9th September. The tickets will cost £1.00 each and will be available to purchase from Mrs Tarrant at break times each day.

If parents would prefer they can also purchase tickets from the main office.

Full terms and conditions on the notice board in the main entrance.

Ticket Information

To validate the voucher , the parent/guardian must complete their data on the reverse of the ticket.

  1. The parent/guardian who must be over 18 will then need to visit the ticket office at Villa Park, New Street or call them to redeem the ticket quoting the voucher number.

  2. Aston Villa will redeem 1 voucher for 1 child aged 12 and under ticket for Aston Villa home Premier League match. The scheme does not include cup games.

  3. The adult must accompany the child and can take up to a maximum of 4 under 12’s.

*An adult can purchase one reduced priced ticket per voucher for £15/£20

*An existing Aston Villa season card holder may relocate their ticket into the designated ‘Tickets for Schools’ area.

Start times for EYFS Children (Reception and Nursery)

posted 3 Sep 2014, 06:30 by J Croxon [ updated 8 Sep 2014, 15:34 ]

Details of start times and dates for Nursery and Reception children:

Nursery start times:

Thursday 4th-Friday 5th Sept - 8:45-12:00pm

Monday 8th -Tuesday 9th Sept - 8:45 - 1pm

Wednesday 10th Sept - Full time


Monday 8th-Tuesday 9th - Children new to our school - 8,45 - 3.10

Wednesday - All children in 8.45 - 3.10

Urgent appeal for help

posted 2 Sep 2014, 06:46 by J Croxon

After returning from the summer holidays our caretaker reported some very upsetting news.

In July the academies children worked with local businesses to redesign their entire outdoor area and with the help of a local charity over 450 trees were planted. The purpose of these trees was to create an environment that would be enjoyed by the children and the local community.

Sadly in the holidays over 200 of the trees have been deliberately snapped and broken. Both the new perimeter walkway around the sports pitch and the reading area have been attacked and badly damaged in a pointless attack of vandalism against our academy and the local community.

Our Nursery building also suffered a smashed window on the between 6PM on Monday 25th and 7AM on Tuesday 26th of August.

We are involving the local police in the hope that we can find the perpetrators of these pointless crimes.

If you have any information that may help us identify who did this, please contact Mrs Burke on 0121 675 3985.