March 2019

Grammar Time

posted 17 Mar , 18:39 by J Croxon

On Monday MC Grammar rocked the Lea Forest stage. He performed his Grammar raps with our children and spent time visiting every class signing autographs and posing for a few grammar themed pictures. Our children had this to say about the amazing day!

“MC Grammar was AMAZING, I really enjoyed his show” May 6NO

“It was a really good show, the fireworks were awesome ” Mackenzie 6CF

All the classes had a chance to perform a rap on stage and Mr Taylor, Miss Magee, Miss Ryan and Ms Purcell wowed us all in the ultimate teacher rap battle! With Ms Purcell (AKA Bevvvvvvy P) winning the rapping crown.

Thank you to all of our parents for your support with costumes and prop making to ensure that our concert was a remarkable success.

Right Respecting School Update

posted 17 Mar , 18:39 by J Croxon

Every child has the right to a standard of living that is good enough to meet their physical, social and mental needs.

Governments must help families who cannot afford to provide this. (Article 27)

We teach our pupils to be respectful and caring, to help others that are less fortunate than themselves and to support good causes and projects that will benefit our local communities and children in other countries.

International Project Begins

posted 17 Mar , 18:39 by J Croxon

We were delighted to launch our global friendship project on Tuesday with staff and children dressed up in a variety of amazing internationally themed costumes.

Miss Simpson led our assembly and announced that our children will be partnered up with schools in Greece, Kenya, China, Brazil, South Africa, Italy, Tanzania, Belgium, Kenya and Bangladesh.

We can’t wait to get in touch with our partner schools!

Sporting Successes

posted 17 Mar , 18:39 by J Croxon

This week Miss Lewis and Mr Carlton have been busy with our Yr5 and Yr6 Hockey teams competing at KESH Academy on Wednesday.

Our teams showed great determination and skill playing in very windy conditions, after 12 games our A and C team finished 2nd in their group and our B team finished 3rd.

Yr1 Trip Reminder

posted 17 Mar , 18:39 by J Croxon

We have completed an incredible 937 laps of our playground course.

That’s 60 miles collectively by our staff and children.

The winners this week are: 2MC with 316 laps, followed by 5BP with 212 laps.

Yr1 Trip Reminder

posted 17 Mar , 18:39 by J Croxon

Please ensure that you sign and return your consent slip for the Year 1 trip on Wednesday 1 May to West Midlands Safari Park.

If you require a new letter, please collect one from the office staff.

Mother's Day Treat

posted 17 Mar , 18:39 by J Croxon

We have had an overwhelming response to our Mother’s Day Treat taking place on Friday 29 March. As this has proved so popular and to ensure we meet deadlines for catering, we will not be able to accept any further reply slips after Monday 18 March. If you want to come along, please ensure your slips are returned by this date.

Finally, thank you for all of the support you show towards your children’s education and school. By working together, we achieve so much more. Have a great weekend. We have another busy week ahead next week, including a visit from our Governors.

This Week

posted 17 Mar , 18:39 by J Croxon

This week has been another one of those weeks where we’ve taken full advantage of every single day. If I’m honest, I’ve forgotten what wearing a suit feels like as we’ve had three different themed days with lots of fancy dress. We started the week with a visit from MC Grammar. It was such a tremendous experience for all of the children and fun was had by all. There was an AMAZING effort made by all of the children and staff with their costumes. MC Grammar was very complimentary about our school and loved working with our children. We can’t wait to welcome MC Grammar back to Lea Forest again soon.

On Tuesday we held our very own ‘International Day’ which launched our ‘Global Friendship Project’. This wasn’t just another chance to dress up, but an opportunity to celebrate diversity within our school and to also study different countries for the day. I have received some positive feedback from children, staff and also parents, so I really can’t wait to see how this project develops further. A big thank you to Miss Simpson for arranging this event and for developing international links with partner schools to share learning experiences. This whole project will link perfectly to our Rights Respecting Schools journey too as the global themes include: identity and belonging, sustainable living, conflict and peace, fairness and equality and finally, rights and responsibilities. Thank you again for making sure that the children all looked so brilliant for this event.

I was in London on Wednesday for a National Headteacher’s Conference for all AET Headteachers. It is always great to network with colleagues and hear about the successes and challenges from different settings. The theme of the conference was based on ‘Remarkable lives ‘ our people’. I was proud to report that we have fully embraced the new values here at Lea Forest and these have been shared with all stakeholders. I will be reminding you all of the values from time to time, but also ask your children about the values and how we use them on a daily basis.

We’ve also had further sporting successes this week. Thank you to all of the children involved and of course to our sports coaches for their continued dedication.

We have ended the week with RED NOSE DAY celebrations. Again, I was absolutely blown away by the efforts of the children, staff and parents - great crazy hair!


Whitemoor Lakes

posted 10 Mar , 18:39 by J Croxon

Each year we provide an opportunity for Year 6 children to attend a residential experience at Whitemoor Lakes. On Wednesday of this week we waved goodbye as the children left to go and enjoy 3 days and 2 nights of fun and activities. They haven’t had the best of weather, but that hasn’t stopped them. They have indulged in a number of activities

including: Canoeing, climbing, abseiling, zip wires, high wires and team games. They’ve been joined by Mr Taylor, Miss Francois, Miss Oliver, Mr Haw and Mrs Lewis who have also enjoyed their time away with the children and witnessing them pushing their limits, discovering what’s possible and being unusually brave. We are very proud of the way in which the children have conducted themselves and shown our school values at all times. There’s been lots of photographs shared via ClassDojo, Twitter and Facebook.

Right Respecting School Update

posted 10 Mar , 18:39 by J Croxon

Every child has the right to learn and use the language, customs and religion of their family, regardless of whether these are shared by the majority of the people in the

country where they live. (Article 30) We are proud that our pupils come from a range of diverse and different backgrounds. Our school teaches the importance of

respecting and understanding different religions, nationalities and customs that make up our school and our wider community.

Global Friendship Project

posted 10 Mar , 18:39 by J Croxon

We are very excited to announce our forthcoming international project ‘Growing a Global friendship’, in which each of our classes will buddy up with a class of the same age from another school from around the world. We are fortunate enough to have established links with countries such as Brazil, Belgium, South Africa and Greece.

The purpose of this project is to develop international links with our partner schools to share examples of our learning, pen pal letters and to work on projects that address global issues. Through the British Council, we are hoping to gain the foundation level of the International Schools Award.

On Tuesday 12 March we are asking children to come dressed in international dress from ANY country.

Grammar Time!

posted 10 Mar , 18:39 by J Croxon

We will be welcoming the legendary MC Grammar to Lea Forest on Monday 11 March for #GrammarTime. Children have been invited to dress up as a grammar rapper or punctuation character to help us celebrate in style. We’ll be having a rap battle in the hall as each class performs their favourite MC Grammar Rap. MC Grammar will

also be visiting each class.

Pick Your Nose!!!

posted 10 Mar , 18:39 by J Croxon

Comic Relief is back on Friday 15 March and our school councillors have challenged the staff and children of Lea Forest to come to school on Red Nose Day with their wackiest hair styles for a £1 donation to Comic Relief . We will also be selling red noses in school throughout next week for £1.25 each. All funds will be donated to Comic Relief.

After School Clubs

posted 10 Mar , 18:39 by J Croxon

Please ensure that if your child attends an after school club ,they are collected at the time stated from Door 2 (on Hurstcroft Rd).

If you are running late, please let the office staff know by calling: 0121 675 3985.

The Lea Forest Daily Mile Challenge

posted 10 Mar , 18:39 by J Croxon

We’ve been busy again lapping our golden mile circuit this week!

We have completed an incredible 1434 laps of our playground course.

That’s 80 miles collectively by our staff and children.

The winners this week are: 3JG with 333 laps, followed by 3ST with 288 laps.

Trip Reminder

posted 10 Mar , 18:39 by J Croxon

Please ensure that consent slips and any payments for trips and educational visits are returned to the office promptly. If you require a paper copy of a letter, our office staff are always able to print out an extra copy.

Stay and Play

posted 10 Mar , 18:39 by J Croxon

Stay and Play returns on Monday 11 March from 9am-10am.

Pop along and spend some time in our Early Years department. Children under 4 and their parents are welcome to attend these sessions.

Parent Conduct Reminder

posted 10 Mar , 18:39 by J Croxon

It is with great disappointment that I am having to write about parent behaviour and conduct, however, I have received a number of complaints from children, parents and staff about the unacceptable and inappropriate behaviour of a small minority of parents on the school playground and school gates.

I was absolutely disgusted with what I witnessed on Wednesday.

- It is UNACCEPTABLE to use bad language around the school site. - It is INAPPROPRIATE to argue and shout with other parents and (more importantly) towards members of my staff. - It is INAPPROPRIATE to congregate around the school gates causing a nuisance or display threatening, behaviour.

Any breaches of the parent code of conduct will result in a immediate ban from the school premises.

I would like to thank the vast majority of parents who conduct themselves appropriately at all times.

This Week

posted 10 Mar , 18:39 by J Croxon

World Book Day kick started our week and I was overwhelmed by the wonderful costumes that our staff and children wore. We held a special assembly and awarded prizes for the best dressed. World Book Day is always a wonderful celebration of the love of reading. We fully embraced it this year and held workshops for parents during the school day and after school, which were really well attended.

Thank you for your support and thank you to all of the staff for going that extra mile to make sure that our World Book Day was the best it could have been. The rest of the week has seen more visitors visiting from schools in Lancaster, who travelled afar to see the wonderful mathematics curriculum we run at Lea Forest. We were also joined by Ian Taylor who is the Regional Curriculum Director for AET.

As always, the visitors left leaving highly positive feedback, complimenting the children’s learning behaviours, manners, our environment, the friendly and hardworking staff and lots more. It makes me incredibly proud to receive such lovely comments from other leaders from different schools. On Wednesday, most of our Year 6 children and staff left for their residential trip to Whitemoor Lakes.

Attendance Update

posted 1 Mar , 18:39 by J Croxon

Our overall attendance for this week was: 96%

Our overall attendance for the year to date is: 95.41%

We’ve reached our 96% target this week and nearly reached our target for year to date. Thank you for your efforts in making improvements. We’ve really seen an improvement.

Here’s this week’s best classes that have all achieved 96%+ for attendance:

1st = 1HM (99.33%)

2nd = 3JG (99.31%)

Joint 3rd = 2SJ and 2MC (98.67%)

4th = 4NN (98.00%)

5th = RGH (97.59%)

6th = 6CF (96.97%)

7th = 3ST (96.47%)

Yr4 Safeside Centre Visit

posted 1 Mar , 18:39 by J Croxon

On Tuesday 26 February the children from 4NN and 4WH visited the Safeside Centre in Birmingham’s Eastside Park. The children were shown around by volunteers and members of the Fire Service staff and had the chance to see the Safety Village.

Here’s what our children thought:

“I thought that Safeside was a great place to learn how to be safe in different places.” Jude 4WH

“I learnt how to be safe in vehicles and how to cross the roads safely.” Lilly 4NN

“I thought that Safeside was an inspiring place to help children be safe in dangerous situations like a fire or a busy street. I had a very good time with all my friends!” Kydon 4WH

Yr5 Enabling Enterprise Challenge

posted 1 Mar , 18:39 by J Croxon

Article 6: Every child has the right to life.

Governments must do all they can to make sure that children survive and develop to their full potential.

Our children have been focusing on what keeps them safe in Y4 this week and parents can find some useful tips and tools on the e-safety section of our website. We’ve added guides and advice from several leading children’s charities. Click the link or scan the QR code to visit our E-Safety minisite.

Yr5 Enabling Enterprise Challenge

posted 1 Mar , 18:31 by J Croxon

Ms Purcell, Mrs Colloby and a team of enterprising children from Y5 visited Birmingham International Airport this week for the start of their Enabling Enterprise project. The children took part in a series of challenges that included: rebranding an airline, developing a presentation for a company and taking part in a tour of the airport.

The Lea Forest Golden Mile Challenge

posted 1 Mar , 18:31 by J Croxon

We’ve been busy again lapping our golden mile circuit this week! We have completed an incredible 3020 laps of our playground course. That’s 167 miles collectively by our staff and children. The winners this week are: 3RR with 497 laps, followed by 1HM with 475 laps.

Important Dates

posted 1 Mar , 18:31 by J Croxon

Please ensure that you do not send any items of food into school that contains peanuts as we have a number of children that suffer from peanut allergies.

Thank you.

Important Dates

posted 1 Mar , 18:31 by J Croxon

Monday 4 March - World Book Day Celebrations

Wednesday 6 March - Y6 go on residential

Friday 8 March - Y6 return from residential

Friday 8 March - 9:10am Celebration Assembly

Monday 11 March - 9:00 Parent Group Meeting

Red Nose Day

posted 1 Mar , 18:31 by J Croxon

For red nose day on Friday 15 March our school councillors have challenged our teachers and children to come to school with the wildest hair styles for a donation of £1. All money raised will be donated to comic relief . We will also be selling red noses for £1.25 each in school.

This Week at Lea Forest

posted 1 Mar , 18:31 by J Croxon

This Week

First of all, a huge welcome back from all of us at Lea Forest. I hope that you all had a great break and feel all refreshed ready for the long stretch ahead. It was lovely welcoming back everyone and opening the gates on Monday; with an added bonus of some sunshine (for a few days at least).

It’s (as always) been another busy week with wow days, dressing-up, trips, visitors, after school clubs, meetings, community work and lots going on behind the scenes. Some of the highlights of this week have included Year 3s ’Tribal Tales’ wow day, where we had lots of cavemen and cavewomen. Another highlight this week was the Year 4 trip to Safeside. More information about these events can be found on page 2 of this newsletter. I’m also delighted with the attendance this week.

We end the week with a CLOWN WORLD event which proves to be an exciting evening. Thank you to our wonderful PCAB for organising this event.

Online Safety

You may already be aware of an online game called the MOMO challenge. It made an appearance last year, but was short lived. However, it appears to have resurfaced over the last week, causing greater concern for our children. First of all, you need to understand the background of the MOMO challenge. This started as an urban myth and there has been a steady stream of ’fake news’ coverage on social media that has elevated the spread. The problem we face now, is the fact that the MOMO challenge is starting to appear in the middle of videos both on YouTube and YouTube for kids.

There are tips for parents online, that we have also shared on FaceBook, Twitter and ClassDojo. The main messages are: tell your children it is not real, be present and talk regularly. I would urge every one of our parents and carers whose children have access to a mobile device/tablet and social media to check the settings on those accounts and ensure they regularly keep updated about the content. It is hard to shun social media completely and it can be a great thing if used appropriately, but sadly this is not always the case. Please be vigilant and if you need any advice whatsoever, then ask someone in school and we can signpost advice where necessary. More information and links can be found on page 2 of this newsletter.