2013 Results

Key Stage 2 School Results (2013): 

We have increased our SATs results again at KS2 and have met floor targets with 63% of children achieving L4 in all 3 subjects (reading, writing and maths).  100% of pupils made the expected progress (2 levels across KS2) above the national average and we are above national for accelerated progress (3 levels.) Attainment was also up with:

In KS1 we were down slightly on last year with:

Due to the change in the Foundation Stage curriculum and assessment arrangements it is not possible to say how we have done compared to national until the new academic year.

I would like to thank all the staff and children for their hard work and remind you to keep supporting your children at home with reading over the summer holidays as this will greatly support their language development and writing next year. 

Updated November 2017