At the heart of the community

We've been apart of the Kitts Green Community since 1938, our building served originally as separate infant and junior schools, and air raid shelters during world war two. Before becoming a community primary school, Then in December 2012 we became Lea Forest Primary Academy.

Our local area has seen a lot of changes in our 80 years of history and and the school has always played a central part in the life of our community.

Lea Forest (Kitts Green) - 1946

Lea Forest (Kitts Green) - 2014

Community Cohesion

In order to achieve a cohesive community, we endeavour to:

  • Promote understanding and engagement between communities

  • Encourage all children and families to feel part of the wider community

  • Understand the needs and hopes of all our communities

  • Eliminate discrimination

  • Increase life opportunities for all

  • Ensure teaching and the curriculum explores and addresses issues of diversity

  • Increase opportunities for all pupils to make a contribution to school life not only as friends and classmates but as playground buddies and school councillors and in anti bullying and anti racism initiatives.

We work in close partnership with our neighbouring schools, academies and community support groups to improve the learning opportunities for our children and open up a range of learning experiences that involve our parents, staff and children in the wider Kitts Green area and help to involve the community in the life of the academy.

Parents looking for help or advice can speak to our parent support worker. Please make an appointment via the school office.

Updated October 2021