Welcome to the CCPN Biomolecular NMR Wiki. This wiki provides a general repository for documentation on any topics related to biomolecular NMR applications, with a focus on CCPN software and integrated 3rd party software. The official release documentation of new and existing CCPN software will be developed on this wiki. The development of the wiki is mainly done in a collaboration between CCPN and Spronk NMR Consultancy.

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The CCPN team welcomes and encourages any contributions from the NMR community and CCPN users to this site. Currently, this wiki doesn't support settings of permissions per page, and to ensure quality of the official release documentation we temporarily limit the contributions to experts in the field. As soon as the functionality for setting permissions per page is installed, editing of official release pages will be limited to experts only, whereas the rest of the wiki will be open to others for editing.
To sign up as a contributor you need a gmail e-mail address in order to login to the wiki, and to write a short mail to any of the following site owners:
Subject: CCPN Wiki contributor
Contents: your gmail address, a description of your background and to which parts of the wiki you can contribute as an expert.

After you have been granted access as a contributor, go to the Guides for Contributors pages.