E. Riley C Clarinet

Many thanks to Nophachai for providing information!

Edward Riley (London b. 1769 / New York d. August 18, 1829) was an English instrument maker and music publisher based, at least for some time, out of New York, USA.

Like most others instrument makers, he utilized the light-colored boxwood for the clarinet body, and elephant ivory for the body rings.

In the early 19th century, most clarinets had only 5 or 7 keys; this example has 5 keys, an earlier style.

The dating of this clarinet can be pinpointed to between 1819 and 1831, due to the street address stamped on the instrument: 29 Chathan Street, NY.

Instruments by E. Riley are relatively readily available, due to the high production numbers of his later models.


Pitch: C

Key System: 5-Key

Maker: Edward Riley

Brand Name: E. Riley

Place of Manufacture: England

Approximate Date: 1819-1831

Body Material: Boxwood & Ivory

Bore Type: unknown

Key Metal: unknown

Keywork Quality: unknown

Serial Number: unknown

Recommended For: Time travelers