Reynolds is more known for brass instruments. Reynolds clarinets seem to be always stencils made by other makers. I don't see many of them coming up for sale.

This clarinet was definitely made by LeBlanc as it is just like a Vito. The trill keys have four posts and their are headless pivot screws. The key work is super sturdy. And the left pinkie keys are the same strange shape.

Bore at top of left hand joint: 14.7mm

Bore at bottom of the same: 14.7mm

Length of barrel: 66mm

Serial: 70673

This horn is appropriate for beginning students, and will be sturdy enough to withstand marching band.

Intonation is about like Vito.

The keys are seriously thick.

Vito clarinet 15147A has distinctive keys left pinkie keys.

The trill keys here, with 4 posts, are just like Vito clarinets.

A quick search of eBay revealed that Reynolds made clarinets at one time in Germany. Those instruments had a different logo. The trill keys and left pinkie keys are also different.

And until now I didn't know that there was an F. A. Reynolds wooden clarinet. It looks like a Malerne French stencil.

The wide D ring is like some of their instruments.