Vito 40

The Vito 40 is supposed to have modern poly-cylindrical bore technology built in. It was built from 1982 (or perhaps 1981) until at least 1997. More information about various V-models is found on the Vito page.

I do not like that the plastic is the same soft kind used by many modern plastic clarinets, including Buffet B12 and the Chinese clarinets.

The key work is still the same, good and sturdy.

Barrel 65.9mm

Bore at top of left hand keyed joint: 14.9mm.

At the bottom of the same joint: 14.8. This isn't quite what I expected. I'm certainly no expert, but to really see poly-bore, I think we should see more difference between these two measurements.

The instrument plays freely because of the wide bore.

This is an excellent choice for a beginning to intermediate student.