There are probably more Bundy clarinets in the world than any other brand, at least more than any other in the USA.It was produced by Selmer. I have just heard that they no longer produce the Bundy, and they replaced it with a Selmer brand plastic horn.The tradition lives on.

My Dad payed $145 for my Bundy in 1959. It got so that it would not stay in adjustment in the right hand pinkie keys because the metal was soft. But that appears to have been solved later.

Bore: 15mm

Barrel 66.4mm

I am interested to compare the Bundy with the Vito.

The flat throat tones on this instrument has caused many clarinet sections to have the bad reputation of being flat. I am especially surprised at how the middle B and C on this horn are also flat. I will test others when I get a chance. I bet there is variation.

Bundy clarinets are appropriate only for beginners. An intermediate student deserves something better.

Testing serial number 1098876, B45 mouthpiece, 4 Legere reed:

The keys are NOT soft of this horn.

Barrel 66.52mm

Bore at top of left joint, 15.0mm, at bottom of same, 14.7.

Lower register:

Upper register:

1959 ad:

Phil's Bundy Reconditioning:

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