G. Rudolf Uebel STRAIGHT BELL Bass Clarinet

Here's something you don't see every day. Most bass clarinets have a bell that curves upward, looking sort of like a saxophone at the end.

This, however, does NOT. This is the only modern example I have seen that exhibits this characteristic. Some very early bass clarinets from the 1700s were straight or had other strange bends, but this is (fairly) modern.

This instrument is hard to date. The Albert system keywork and metal construction seems to indicate an early 20th century date, but the instrument looks to be in much too good condition for that. Honestly, this could date from anywhere in the 1920-1980 range.

Note the key shapes that look just slightly off. This oddness is also present on a similarly branded F. Arthur Uebel Bb clarinet I once saw many moons ago.

The strange mouthpiece looks very similar to a saxophone mouthpiece in that instead of a regular clarinet mouthpiece that fits inside the socket, this one fits over the socket of the neck.


Pitch: Bb

Maker: G. Rudolf Uebel(?)

Brand Name: Original G. Rudolf Uebel

Place of Manufacture: Germany(?)

Approximate Date: 1920s-1980s

Material: All metal

Keys: Chrome plated(?)

Keywork: Albert system

Serial Number: Unknown