Holter & Cie Oklahoma USA

Thanks to Daniel Dreesmann in Wiesbaden, Germany, we have these pictures of this interesting clarinet:

Daniel wrote saying this:

I am writing to you from Wiesbaden/Germany because of an old b-flat clarinet I recently bought which is marked "Holter & Cie. Oklahoma USA" on the clarinet bell (see photograph attached). We have good friends of our family in Fayetteville/AR and I have visited OKlahoma many years ago. Quite unusual for an US instrument, the keys are in the German system /Albert system. I did some Google searches but was unsuccessful. The woodwind maker who is currently working on the instrument to make it playable again told me that in former times music stores bought instruments in Europe and labeled them with the their own company's name.

I turned to Steve Asmus for his expert help and he gave this information:

I took a little time and did a little research on this one this evening. I'm not going to swear to it 100%, but based on the unique key work styling, my best guess would be that this was built by Paul Kurt Wurlitzer in Germany. it is definitely an Oehler system, it was not their top of the line Migma model as it had 6 rings, but I think if you do a little research into the early Wurlitzer line you may be able to match this one up perfectly. A good source to check would be the Nicholas Shackleton Collection that is housed at Edinburgh University, I have not gone through all of the Oehler examples in that collection, but I'm guessing that Wurlitzer was well represented. I know from the little experience that I have had with Wurlizter they did produce a fair amount of "stencil" clarinets over the years for may US companies.

I like how this story goes from Germany to Oklahoma and back again!