Pedler History

What I found previously is this:

Harry Walter Pedler was born in England in 1872 and died in Elkhart in 1950. John Henry Martin (Martin Musical Instruments) became president of Pedler when Harry retired in 1930. Harry Pedler and Sons was purchased by the Selmer Co. in 1958,

The following information is from clarinetpages member Ivan (Scot455). He was writing about this clarinet, which, from the picture, I had assumed to be double walled.

I am sorry to say that this clarinet is not doublewall - it is singlewall of very heavy construction - if you include the completely assembled clarinet with mouthpiece cover , mouthpiece and and ligature

it weighs 914 grams. This confirms it to be a pedler professional grade made when Harry Pedler ran the company. He and his son resigned in around April 1931, with Lous Hombs was appointed

executive manager by O.P.Bassett, Pesident of Martin Band instruments. It seems that the Pedlers stayed on for a year after Martin gained control but obviously the change of direction (and quality of metal instruments) led to some sort of differences. The only good communications are from Presto Times and Music Trade reviews of that period.

This is why I beleive they are sought after by jazz musicians (they are loud and durable, doublewalls were easily dented and impossible to repair(excepting armoured ones).Doublewalls were also expensive. I am genuinely seeking education on Harry Pedler Snr, but there are hardly any facts available. The reason is that he tried a different engineering approach with metal clarinets -- no others were as heavy in single-wall.