Jardin / Emil Jardin HR

This looks identical to the mostly-wooden Emil Jardin, which I think was made by Thibouville.Emil Jardin clarinets are some of the better French Stencils. And being made of hard rubber makes this a whole lot better than most plastic instruments. Hard rubber is prized for its dark tone. See the Professional Hard Rubber page.

Fixed October 2009, serial #1359B.

Barrel: 68mm


Top of LH joint: 14.8mm

Bottom of LH joint: 14.8mm

This test was done pushed all the way in. I would want a shorter barrel, and a standard 66 should work well.

This instrument is very appropriate for an adult coming back to playing, or intermediate players.

In fact, with a good barrel, advanced players would be happy with the way this plays.

Note the single post for the left pinkie keys, which are also the pin-in-hole type.