Ridenour Lyrique “A” RCP-575a

While in Dallas in 2014, I got a chance to play the first of these new A clarinets. This is fantastic! I was so impressed by the response of this clarinet. It is not stuffy— like many A clarinets are.

This clarinet has gorgeous tone, and impeccable intonation. Rather than my going on and on about it, please see Tom's YouTube here. As explained in this video, this clarinet has the most advanced balanced action, and it is super sturdy. This clarinet will stay in adjustment.

Having an A clarinet is very handy these days if you play in church or in other contexts with guitars. This is true of the C clarinet as well. But I especially enjoy playing in much easier keys using the A clarinet, and having the lovely dark and powerful low register.

You can't get a better A clarinet anywhere at any price.