Le Fevres

Jim L sent pictures of this delightful Lefebres clarinet. Note the rollers for the pinkie keys!— even though this is a Boehm system. Info from Jim:The only thing I know about Le Fevres is that it was a trade name for clarinets imported by the US government, probably just before WWII. I don't know who made them. It is the only boehm system metal clarinet i have seen that has rollers. And, as noted, it has the adjustable barrel expands in two directions, which means you can adjust twice as fast. (but with half the precision.) I think both features were intended to appeal to the easily impressed, rather than the serious player. However, it is well made and plays well. Given that I have never seen another like it on eBay (and I seriously watch the auctions) I doubt many were made. Maybe it was a prototype sent over in the hopes that the government would order a bunch.