Buffet B12

The Buffet company makes the B12 in Germany.

The Accent plastic clarinet seems identical.

The key work is top notch, certainly as sturdy as the Vito. In a few places I wished the keys fit over the holes with better precision. But repairmen are used to dealing with that.

I especially like the adjustable thumb rest. This is very helpful for starting students with small hands.

I dislike how light-feeling their plastic is. A repairman needs to be very careful with heating key cups near this stuff. Newer Vitos and the Bundy seem to be about the same weight of material, but their plastic seems to be cured to a harder consistency. There's no way I can prove this hunch.

Bore: 15mm

Barrel: 65.1mm

This is good intonation. Looks like I should have pulled out for the test above. This should work fine for a beginning to intermediate clarinetist. Having the 1mm shorter barrel will help the student be in tune with normal school bands. Pulling out a millimeter will put this horn very nicely in tune if playing with a piano that is tuned at A440.

Very comfortable, wide thumb rest. I didn't feel like it needs a cushion because the edges are not sharp.

Pin in hole style left pinkie keys.

I reviewed serial # 789xxx.