Update from Jan2011: This has to be a Chinese clarinet, not Amati as I posited a year ago.

The instrument even seems to have been designed with some poly-cylindrical bore technology. I think the tone is nice. However the results are quite disappointing for intonation. This would seem to be their bottom of the line instrument.The Vinci instrument seems an OK choice for a beginning student. If your student is doing well, upgrade for the second year! Please don't use it for an intermediate one. If shopping for a clarinet, consider that a used and reconditioned clarinet with better intonation can be purchased for around the same price or less.However, the key work seems to be excellent. See below.64.6mm barrel15.1 upper bore diameter14.8 middle bore diameter

Note the shape here. I have seen these left pinkie keys on other horns, and one I thought was a Vito.

The thick crow foot and the thickness of the keys is another clue.