Information from Chris P at «There are some Selmer Paris clarinets going under the name Sterling Paris. They're not the same as the intermediate level Selmer Sterling clarinets made for Selmer London (which were Malernes), nor Chinese ones from recenttimes, but actual pro level Selmer Paris clarinets made in the '30s or thereabouts with a diamond logo instead of the laurel wreath logo and no mention of the name Selmer on them.I've seen a high pitch silver plated metal semi-Improved Albert system one which has all the classic Selmer traits and more recently, a wooden one with similar keywork.»From Chris Moffatt at«Selmer used the 'three in a row' design on their 'improved albert' system horns around the 1920s. These had six rings and some other additions to standard Albert keywork and the usual Selmer markings and serial numbers. Quite sought after today as a "jazz clarinet" - I believe Jimmy Noone played one.»