Albert / E.J. Albert

Thanks to Barrie Marshall for this picture of his matched E.J. Albert clarinets. I would like more information on E.J. Albert.

Barrie sent this:

I don't know much about E.J. Albert but his father worked for Adolph Sax for twelve years before setting up his own manufacturing company making clarinets, top line instruments in their day, mine are 'very light' I was told by an old clarinet player knew it was cocus wood, he just held the Bb, looked at me and said 'cocus wood'.

New answer below!

<— Barrie playing in a a contemporary free improvisation group.

New answer from Willem C. who writes from Belgium:

E.J.Albert was one of the three sons of Eugene Albert (the inventor of the system). He became very famous, due to the excellent quality and the wide variety of his instruments. I own a B-flat one in the simple Albert system myself.