Boosey & Hawkes Edgeware HR

This was made by Boosey Hawkes, which according to Wikipedia was making instruments until 2003. This one has a mottled gray appearance, typical of older hard rubber instruments. The wooden Edgeware page is here.

Serial # 98344.

Bore 15mm.

Barrel 66.6mm

#53049 30Oct09 Van Doren B45 66.7 mm barrel is too long for me14.8 bore both ends of left joint

The key work on this clarinet has flat interior key cups, somewhat like Wooden > Vintage > Brittany. The keys seem quite soft and have numbers stamped on the back. (Numbers on the back seem to be a sign of softness, for some reason.)

But the instrument has pretty impressive intonation. A student will soon need a shorter barrel for this horn.

For #53049, I didn't find the keys to be soft. They do have the flat cups. It seems to me though that they keys are fussy to work with, requiring extra time for tweaking.This horn will go to Indonesia with me. The intonation of the throat tones is better with a shorter barrel and pulling out, without a barrel ring. After Indonesia: Boy, the throat tones are sharp!The Edgeware horn is definitely a cheap way to see if you like the tone of a hard rubber instrument. It can have OK intonation if you get the right barrel length.