Galper register tube

The Galper register tube (shown on the right in the picture below) is an improvement over the standard straight register tube (shown on the left).

This is a discontinued product, but the web page for this can still be found at this address:

From that web site:

The throat Bb has always been a stuffy note on the Clarinet due to the normal register vent being too short. Increasing the length of the vent internally creates problems. Avrahm Galper created a longer register vent by extending the vent outside of the body of the clarinet. This not only remedies the stuffy Bb problem but also makes the clarinet feel much more even-blowing in the upper register.

Uneven resistance for the Buffet Bb Clarinet is now a thing of the past.

The Galper Key/Tube was invented by Internationally known and respected, Avrahm "Abe" Galper. Abe was principal clarinetist with the Toronto Symphony for 30 years. Mr. Galper also served as principal clarinetist with the Palestine Opera Company, the Israel Philharmonic, the C.B.C. Symphony, the Toronto Philharmonic, and the Canadian Opera Company.

The Galper tube necessitates that a replacement register key will be used, which was also supplied with the product:

More information from the web site:

  • Produces a much improved, more open throat or "pinch" Bb, as good or better than the same tone produced by the alternate trill key fingering.
  • Offers seamless transition between registers, potentially eliminating the terms "break" and "grunt" from the clarinet lexicon of all Galper key users.
  • Supports more fluid playing. Causes NO adverse effect on tone or intonation. Includes replacement register vent and register key with preinstalled cork pad and flat spring.
  • The key has recently been modified for compatibility with all Buffet R13 rod screws. Feels just like your existing register key.
  • The pad cup area of the key is arched (see Figure 3 below) to accommodate the new vent. The touch piece feels identical to that of the original R13 register key. Installs easily enough for competent do-it-yourselfers.

I'd like to try one! Silverio in Argentina makes an imitation of this.