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This is the NEW ClarinetPages makeover site. I hope you won't need the vintage site anymore, but if you do, the Vintage ClarinetPages site is linked here.

Please note: If you find a broken link please leave a message using the Question box below. If links fail, the search box at the right in the top bar of the site is your friend.

This site features:

  • Clarinet model reviews in the left column are organized by the material they are made of: WOOD, COMPOSITE, and METAL. ‘Vintage’ and ‘Older’ categories refer to clarinets manufactured before 1980. You'll need to use the site menu to see the sub-pages.

  • See the INFO section for recommendations about clarinet STUFF (including mouthpieces, reeds, ligatures, barrels, oiling keys/wood,) and many other topics.

  • If you are actively interested in clarinets, consider joining the clarinetpages.info forum! You can register directly at the forum!

My favorite way for you to contact me is by registering at the clarinetpages.info forum.

But for a really quick question, you can use the form here.

The ORIGINAL site was started 15 February 2008 at clarinetpages.wetpaint.com (now clarinetpages.wikifoundry.com). That site is now closed. Clarinetpages.net was started on 13 Jan 2010.

Who started this site and the forum?

nom de clarinet: Phil Pedler. See: Who's Phil?— really.

This site includes a lot of my opinions. Not all teachers will agree with me! I am trying to give good, safe advice. If you want to set me straight on something, please JOIN the ClarinetPages.info forum.

Thanks for visiting!


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