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By the Word of Their Testimony Books


 No Puedo Amar


Always Here for US
 Siempre Aquí para Nosotros

Enviado POR Dios


Married to My Son’s Father




RESTORED to Parents

Prison & Heroin

Ministry Mixed with
Alcohol & Adultery


Principles Lead to Restoration!!

A Testament

Restored after going
THROUGH the Fire!


My Husband Packed his Bags
and Came Home!

She Had it All

True and Intimate Friend

What a Gift

Bankruptcy Brought Dad Home


More than One Miracle

Too Late
Embrace the Trials


He Saw I Changed
Just Married
He Married the OW

Faced Divorce & Delivered

Give Hope


Acts of Kindness
Done Everything Wrong

Asked to Hold Hands in Church

Take My Hand

Get Out!

I Look Different
Failed to Refrain

He Found Me!!

I Confessed

My Best Friend Again
Older Couple Points Us to God's Word!

Screaming Matches Stop

Better Than Before
Vietnam Vet but I was Violent!

A Clear Vision

Praying Together







Encouraged my
Parents Restoration!

My Husband Wanted 
to Date Other People
Reunited at the Alter


Best Friends AGAIN!
 Before My Deadline

I Want You Back

Broken in Alabama



"Wife a New Woman!!"

It Was Me

 "ANY Marriage Can be Saved!!"
Plus Custody of Daughters.


 "Taken by Surprise!!"

”Rewarded for my Love for Him"

"Husband Suddenly
Came Home Broken"

Jodi RESTORED in Australia

Patrick RESTORED in Australia

“Traveled My Journey Twice”

“My Wife Returned 
 a Proverbs 31 Woman!!”

"Restoration Happened 
Quickly and Suddenly"

UPDATE: 2nd Restoration Baby  
Due 2017

"The Centre of My Life"

"My Husband Changed Overnight!!!"

"Restored Before Christmas"

Potter's Wheel


 Lakisha RESTORED in Washington, D.C.


"Restored Twice!!"

Raeesa RESTORED in England 

Maria RESTORED in Brazil 

"Who Am I?" and Does Restoration Really Stick?
Axel’s Update and Testimony

Encouraging Men’s Minister
Encouraging Men’s Minister

"He Apologized for Everything!"

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