How to use the Warrnambool College Prospectus

To create your educational pathway, click on the the year level that you are about to begin to see the Course Outline. Use it to familiarise yourself with the core and elective subject requirements for your year level.

Then, browse through the subject outlines, arranged above by year level, to help you to make your elective choices.

The pathway link will provide you with a summary of all of the core subjects and electives available in each faculty.

2022 yr 7 to 8 info.pptx
2022 yr 7 to 8 SEAL info.pptx
2022 Yr8toYr10SEAL info.pptx
2022 Yr8toYr9 info.pptx
2022 Yr9toYr10 info.pptx
2022 Yr10toVCE SEAL info.pptx
ExpoNight2022 Yr10toSnrSchool.pptx
2022SnrYr11toYr12 info.pptx