Welcome to 2017-2018 school year!  PLEASE bookmark this page so you can access it easily. Here is our guiding quote for this year's study (the reason WHY we ALL need to study literature, so we can see the world through the eyes of another) from Jen Piercy: " Empathy, after all, starts as an act of fiction. We must think ourselves into the lives of others."  Together we will strive to explore several stories and listen to a myriad of voices in an effort to break down stereotypes and build a more complete understanding of each other and the world. 

MAKE SURE that you read all the instructions here and on your class pages.  Check out "Important Class Supplements" for help with grammar, paper writing, etc. 

You'll find your class page listed to the left and below. Syllabi are attached to each class'  home page. The "Grading Policies and Procedures" handout and "Class Rules" handout are on the "Important Class Supplements"  page. Please read ALL of these materials, write down and bring to class any questions you have and sign and bring to class the acknowledgement signature pageThis will count as a participation grade - see your class'  acknowledgement page for grades and due dates.

Finally - I love rubber ducks. They make me smile. Hope they do the same for you.