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Are you looking for a speaker for your corporate team, club, event, or organization? Do you want to help your people chase their passions to the max by living their best life? Why not book an energetic, charismatic, and passionate speaker who will empower your group! I am currently booking presentations for 2019 and 2020 on the topics below. If you don’t see anything that fits your group’s passions, let me know. I would love to create and customize a presentation just for you!

3 Steps to Achieving Balance in Life

Do you get stressed or ever feel overwhelmed? Have you ever felt like you don’t have enough time in the day to accomplish everything? Let me share how you can achieve balance in your life! Yes, you can achieve it in just three steps. All audience members will receive a guide that they can follow along with and use so they can achieve the balance that’s perfect for them!

Discovering your Why and Achieving Success

We all have goals and dreams. But sadly, only sometimes do we see them come to fruition. Stop the endless cycle by discovering your why. Let me share how you can discover your real reason why and how you can use it to drive you to finally reach your goals and dreams.

5 Ways to Gain Positivity

Do you and your crew ever feel like you’re in a slump? Frustrations rising, tempers flaring, and an overarching feeling of negativity? Or maybe you and your team could use a jolt of positivity to keep everything going strong! Let me help you turn it around and be the jolt of positivity! In this presentation I’ll share five different ways everyone on your crew can gain more positivity. Plus everyone will receive a Jonesin’ for Positivity booklet designed to help them find, create, and gain more positivity in their life.

Perspective Shift

Do you see the tree or the forest? Do you want to be a mouse or an eagle? This presentation will teach you how to shift your perspective and grow as a person, a leader, and a teacher! You will learn when you should be a mouse and just see a tree and when you should spread your wings, see the entire forest and be an eagle. Be ready for a total shift in how you view anything that comes your way!

How to Find and Chase your Passion

We all have our own passions. However, some of us struggle in knowing exactly what they may be. And many of us have too many, so that it’s hard to pick and choose to which we should devote the most amount of our time. In this presentation I will help you discover your true passion and/or select the one that fits you best. After we discover it, we’ll discuss how you can chase that passion within the time constraints of your busy life. Everyone will receive a guide and booklet that will help them find and chase their passions to the max. Please note that this session does touch on many components also presented in the 3 steps to Achieving a Balanced Life presentation.

Custom Presentation

While all my presentations will be customized to you and your group, this one takes it to the next level. We will chat about what makes your team tick and where they can grow. Then I will create a custom presentation that will jive with you and your team. It will relate to them and help you reach your goals perfectly!

See me in action and hear more about my speaking and presentations by watching video below!

Dynamic Duo Speaking

But why have one speaker when you can have two! The dynamic duo of Spencer Jones and Pamela Barnhill work together to inspire your people and help them to truly live life to the fullest. As classically trained musicians, authors, educators and triathletes, Spencer and Pamela are able to utilize their experiences and connect with and empower nearly any audience.

Pam's and Spencer's topics are: Going after Big Intimidating Goals, Perspective Shift and Embracing your Uniqueness, and Achieving Balance. If one of those topics sound perfect for you, be sure to email me at smj190@gmail.com to discuss booking this great duo!


Would you like your team, organization, or group to gain more camaraderie and form an amazing community? A community that they can’t wait to be a part of and look forward to participating in? Over my years of teaching in both public and private school I have learned how to grow a community and a team in a short period of time. Through my energetic, fun, and invigorating clinics and workshops I can help your group launch or deepen their sense of community. Whether it’s for your business or organization or your classroom, I know you can have the community you desire! And as a trained musician and music educator I bring in my musical expertise to help your group strengthen their musicianship along with building the community. It’s a win-win! If you’re ready to build a community of your dreams, contact me below and let’s chat about it!

For bookings please contact me by email at smj190@gmail.com or call me at 920-277-1183. I’m looking forward to chatting with you and working with your group!


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