Tailin' Toads

We all love spending time on the water, going after our favorite species and hoping to catch our new personal best. This time on the water is fantastic but it can wreak havoc on our skin. With how quickly clothing has advanced many fishing specific companies have popped up. Each company trying to make their way to the top and earn the trust and anglers across the country.

Over the past couple years I have gone through a number of different companies but struggle to find one that makes a pair of gloves that will last a full season. The hours I spend not only fishing, but paddling can do a number on gloves in no time. Then I heard about Tailin’ Toads from a friend. When looked at the gloves and neckwear online and they seemed like good quality products, made in the USA, and are spf 50+ so I decided to give them a shot.

When I received them in the mail the neckwear, Shieldz, was good. One thin layer of fabric with no seams. However, gloves were slightly different than expected. I noticed a couple of things. First, they had two layers of fabric. No grippy material on the underhand side, just regular fabric. The second, is that they seemed to be sewn quite well and the seams were not noticeable. Thirdly, and most shocking to me, I knew they were fingerless gloves but there was no tube for the thumb. It never showed in any of the pictures so was hidden? It was not, it was non existent! The gloves were more like a sleeve, with a slit sewn in for the thumbs. This made it a little bit harder to figure out which one belongs on what hand. So after I figured that out (logo on top of left hand) I was good to go. They were very comfortable to the touch, the fingers could move around easily and the fabric between the thumb and fingers was not in the way at all of movement. Also the gloves went far enough up on my wrist to go a little past the sleeve on my long sleeve shirt. So far their a win, but I haven’t had them out on the water yet.

After a number of trips out, paddling, fishing, and even landing a couple, the gloves held up excellent, even without grips! They took their beating with no show of wear. Even after getting wet and then being put straight to work by paddling or fishing they were great! The gloves and Shieldz dried pretty quickly and never smelled. I usually hang them on my drying rack over night and they are set for the next day. Other products I have used started to fray, smell, and/or get the ever annoying balling on the fabric. No issue like that all with the Tailin’ Toads. I even got them full of mud and tossed them in the washing machine and they come out just fine!

Now looking at the price, the Shieldz cost $22 and the gloves are $24. The price falls on the lower end compared to similar products from other companies. The Tailin’ Toad products are made to order, are made from comfortable, and quality material that will take a beating and not show sign of wear! In my book, Tailin’ Toad gloves and Shieldz are a definite CATCH!