Make Tracks and get Fit: Snowshoeing

Make Tracks!

For most of us folks in the northern half of the US or for folks in the mountains the snow is starting to fly. Everything looks clean and beautiful but it can make our hiking and fishing a little trickier. However the snow shouldn’t stop us from getting outside. One fun sport that will get you enjoying the beauty of nature is snowshoeing! Snowshoeing is gaining popularity across the country. It will take you out into woods, prairies, by rivers, lakes and more. You may even find new waters to fish! Many cities have programs set up where you can rent snowshoes or if you have a ski hill near you they may have some for rent. These places usually have trails already set up so you can start hiking your way across the snow covered trails. Otherwise find your favorite woods or prairies and create your own trail.

Snowshoeing is a great way to help you stay fit as it not only gives your legs a workout but it will raise your heart rate and help you build endurance. Walking with snowshoes strapped on is a little tricky at first but they make walking over deep snow much easier. Finding the proper sizing is crucial. Like everything, there are different styles for different purposes. The place you rent from can help you find the right ones, otherwise take a couple minutes and look up what snowshoe would be best for you and where you are hiking. You don’t want something that is going to be too big as you can end up tripping on them as you walk.

Also, you’ll want to stay comfortable while you are hiking. Because it will raise your heart rate, you can start sweating and not wearing the proper clothing can lead you to have a miserable time. I’d highly suggest wearing layers. That way you can take off or add layers as needed. While snow pants aren’t necessary, they will help keep your legs dry and comfortable. I’d also suggest bringing a bottle of water and some snacks (depending on how long you’ll be out). We don’t realize how quickly we get dehydrated in cooler weather, so be sure you are have some water at the ready.

Lastly, take a camera. Whether hiking an already prepared trail or making your own, you will see some beautiful sights. Remember them and share them with your friends and family! I’d also love see your adventures, please comment below with them or tag me, @Jonesintogetfit in a picture of you snowshoeing! Good luck, have fun, and stay safe!