Old School Ice Fishing Made Easy

Picture courtesy of Anthony Larson of Coulee Region Adventures

Old School Ice Fishing Made Easy

Winter’s coming and it’ll only be a matter of a few weeks before the snow flies and the ice takes over our waterways. What does this mean for fisherman? Some hang it up and wait until soft water appears again while others brave the cold and see if they can bring home fresh fish! With the cold weather breathing down our necks it is a perfect time to get the muscles in shape so you can hit the ice safely. I know, there are snowmobiles, fourwheelers, and more, but this one goes out to those don’t have those fun pieces of equipment and drag out a sled with their gear. Do these 3 moves leading into and throughout the season and you will find getting on and back from the ice is a lot easier!

Leggy Lengthy Lunges

This move is a basic lunge but you want to make sure you get low enough to really grow the muscle. So to pull this move off here’s what you do. Stand tall feet next to each other facing forward. Step the left foot forward about 4-5 feet in front of you. Keep your back leg straight and bend your front knee. The goal is to have a 90 degree bend in your right knee. While keeping your left leg straight ensure that your upper body is looking straight ahead and not towards the ground. Push off your right foot and have your left foot meet your right foot. Repeat but stepping forward with your left foot. For an extra burn, add some weights! Dumb bells, a cat, your kid, fishing equipment, anything!

Around the Clock

Grab a light weight. When I say light, I mean light, like 3 - 10 pounds, no more. While standing reach your arms out in front of you holding the weight with both hands. Then imagine you are stirring a cauldron full of mashed potatoes. Stir in a counterclockwise direction for 30 seconds. Then switch directions for another 30 seconds. This will get you ready to hand auger any 15”+ deep hole!

Crouching Punch

Ok, so this is a strange one but it will help you drag that sled behind you. Grab something soft to sit on, like carpet, a yoga mat, or something similar. Lay down on your back with your feet on the floor causing your knees to be bent and up in the air. Then make a very small curve of a c with your torso. Crunch up with your hands in fists right in front of you (like a fighter). Then as your back comes up to a 45+ degree angle punch the right and then left hands. Put the hands back to the fighter position and lay back down. Keep your belly button sucked back and abs engaged the entire time!

If you do these moves from now until there’s ice (and after) you’ll be set to hit the ice and catch some fish without struggling nearly as much with your gear! Good luck and get fit!