Stanley Coffee Systems

I don’t know about you but I like my coffee. No, let’s be honest, I LOVE my coffee. Hot coffee to be exact. Whether I’m driving hours upon hours to a kayak fishing event or going camping (or both) I like to bring as much coffee from home as possible. Plus when I’m camping, and I run out of the coffee I brought, I’d like to make some. This addiction, I mean passion, means I would need a very good thermos and maybe some kind of coffee maker for camping. Enter in the Mountain Vacuum bottle from Stanley.

Stanley has been around since 1913 and you probably recognize their name from your parents greenish thermos that they took to work. Not only do they have thermoses, but french presses, cups, coolers, and much more. I’ve heard good things about them but wanted to test it myself.

Because I travel quite a bit and am in love with coffee I decided to get the Mountain Vacuum Coffee System and Mountain Vacuum Trail Mug. This Coffee System has everything one would think. Dry storage for your coffee, a cup, thermos, french press with a the pot to heat up the water. The Mug and Coffee System are water-tight and have great handles.

Both pieces are made of stainless steel and look very sharp. The Coffee System had many features. The dry storage compartment could hold enough for about 1qt of coffee. The french press had a good snug fit that easily moved down when filled with hot water and didn’t let any grounds through the screen. The pot part of the press even has a handle that easily snaps into place. Plus the pot fits well over a propane camp grill. All the pieces fit well together and make one relatively compact unit.

After taken both pieces of gear on multiple multi-day trips I can tell you that I am surprised at how well they work! The Coffee System kept my coffee hot, not lukewarm, not semi-hot, HOT for over 12 hours. After about 18 hours it was warm and 24 hours later it was just lukewarm. To test that this wasn’t a random fluke, I took it on another adventure, and then another. All with the same results. Absolutely outstanding!

To test the durability of the mug and thermos I threw them across the ground covered with rocks and large stones. The seal never broke just a couple scrapes on the bottles. I can foresee an issue if the coffee system was separated and then dropped. The water pot and or screen could bend and be tricky to get back together.

The Coffee System retails for $60 and the Mug sells for $25. I was truly amazed at how well they kept my coffee hot. Plus the french press worked extremely well when camping. If you camp or take long road trips or work long shifts, or all the above then you need to check these out. I absolutely love the Stanley series after doing this review and will easily say that these are the biggest catch I have ever given. Check them out, you won’t be disappointed!