Talic Kayak Stand

We all want to keep our kayaks safe and protected when we are not on the water. I know, I know, the whole 5 minutes you are not on the water. There are many different ways to store your kayak. One is using a hanging system where you can lift your kayak up and out of the way, another is by putting them on a shelf style bunk. I know there are more options but we are going to look at the bunk style, specifically, the Talic Triple Bunk kayak storage rack.

This rack was delivered quickly and everything was in great shape. It was simple to put together. One of the coolest aspects of it I thought was that there are very few screws and bolts that go through the wood. Just the couple to hold the cross beams. The arms that hold the kayak are held on by pressure of and angle of the bolts in the back. This makes them 100% adjustable and can be placed anywhere! Figuring out where I wanted everything placed took the longest. Putting everything together was a breeze.

The rack is made from Yellow Pine and Birch woods and is extremely strong, stable, and lightweight. Each kayak rests on 2” wide adjustable straps. This stops any possibility of denting the kayak. It measures 60” tall, 72” wide, and 40” deep. That means it will fit almost any kayak out on the market. It does take up some room in the garage, but so does having your kayak just sit there. Plus this allows you to stack multiple kayaks and even have room to store other gear. One accessory I added was a paddle holder. This is held on by pressure as well so it can be placed almost anywhere on the Talic bunk.

I am surprised at how stable and strong this rack is. Even after I loaded it up with my kayaks on every bunk and it does sway a little, especially when it’s empty and I put the kayak on the top bunk. Although it swayed there is no worry about falling forward, backward, or sideways. For the little amount of wood, it is extremely strong. I even put my full weight (160 pounds) on the back bar and one of the arms and it supported my weight no problem. If you have kids that like to play in the garage you won’t have to worry about them knocking over your kayak or the rack. It is extremely stable and won’t tip. The finish on the wood is excellent! It’s sanded smooth and has a clean varnish on all while retaining the original wood look.

Now let’s look at the price. Off of Talic.com this triple bunk costs just over $530. As I mentioned, it is made extremely well, it’s strong, lightweight, and holds my kayaks with no problem. But based solely on the price I have to say that the Talic Triple Bunk is sadly a RELEASE. I love this rack but can’t justify it with the price attached. If you are good at woodworking and DIY projects you could make a rack like this to fit your needs. However, if you are terrible at DIY projects like I am, then you may want to look into Talic products. They have different products at different price points that may fit your need. If they could get the price down this would be a catch, no doubt. But sadly, for now, it’s a release.