Our vision is to TEACH and INSPIRE you to live your life to the MAX in order to spread POSITIVITY and make the world a better place.

We accomplish this by EMPOWERING you to take OWNERSHIP and design a SUCCESSFUL life.

Conquer the challenges, learn about yourself, and become a warrior with this unique two-day event where you will push yourself, gain new friends, and step into becoming the hero you deserve to be. Our next Challenge Days will be on Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 3rd and 4th. Click HERE to learn more!

Coaching & Speaking

Start CONQUERING your life and living the life you want and deserve to live. By taking advantage of the Coaching and Speaking opportunities you will DISCOVER the tools and strategies needed to live your life to the MAX. Click below and be ready to be EMPOWERED!

Jonesin' for Show

Be INSPIRED and take OWNERSHIP of your life with the tips offered in each episode of the Jonesin' for Show! Offered as a Vlog, a Podcast, or a Blog you can pick the style that works for you! Don't miss out on a single episode by subscribing today! Watch/Listen/Read HERE!

Adventure Retreats

It's time to hit the road and have an awesome adventure! Join Spencer and members of the Jonesin' for Tribe as we head out for a trip of a lifetime. Our trips will take us all over the USA and even the world as we chase our passions of being outdoors. Everything from fishing, kayaking, white water rafting, hiking, camping, and more! Join your brothers and sisters of the tribe and let's create some amazing memories together!

Next retreat coming in 2021

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Outdoor Adventures

Are you looking for some more adventures! Then join Spencer as he shares and prepares you to fully enjoy the beauty the world has to offer. Through the Jonesin' for Mini-Series, What's What on the Water Reviews, and Outdoor Fitness tips and tricks you will be ready to explore and chase your passions to the MAX!

Jump on and hang on tight as Spencer explores amazing waterways and places the United States has to share!

Learn the pro's and con's of a variety products used by kayak fisherman and outdoorsman to decided if it's right for you!

Be ready for any adventure with the tips and tricks Spencer shares!

Get Cooking

Healthy eating can be tough but it doesn't have to be! Make it easy and FUEL your family and yourself with healthy recipes that are simple. Spencer shares over 100 recipes in a Facebook LIVE broadcast. Find a recipe that excites you and give it go!

O.T. Drill

Chase Your Passions to the MAX without getting winded or tired. Jonesin' for proudly presents the O.T. Drill, a 30 day routine that will take you through 8 awesome workouts. The workouts are only 20-30 minutes long and there are 5 workouts a week.

Books & More

Learn how to TRANSFORM and take CONTROL of life with Spencer's book "Chase Your Passions" or discover TIPS & TRICKS to traveling kayak fishing or heading off shore in your kayak with "Jonesin' for Kayak Fishing Adventures" or "Jonesin' for Beyond the Breakers"! Plus you'll want to get some epic swag!

About Spencer Jones

Spencer is an avid outdoorsman, athlete, teacher, speaker, and lifestyle fitness coach who loves to help people chase their passions to the max...