"Chase Your Passions" is the ultimate guide to help you chase your passions and live your life to the max. If you feel overwhelmed, stressed or unhappy then "Chase your Passions" to help regain balance and joy! This quick read is designed to be used to help you discover, create, and push yourself to live the life you want to live. I walk you through different sections of creating a personal roadmap to success so you can live your life to the max. I do this by sharing personal stories and give you step-by-step instructions so you can take the action you need to take. Start creating and living the life you want to live and use the Chase Your Passions book as your guide!

In these pages you'll find stories and descriptions of the following subjects: How to Find Your Passion, Creating and Crushing Goals, Achieving Work, Life, Passion Balance, Time Management and Scheduling, Dealing with Stress, Priorities of Practice, and many more! Start chasing your passions and living your life to the max today with the help and guidance of Chase Your Passions!

Do you enjoy kayaking fishing? What about traveling and fishing new areas? Are you interested in chasing your passions to the max? If you answered yes then Jonesin' for Kayak Fishing Adventures is the book for you!

Spencer Jones has kayak fished across the United States over the past 6 years and has written many articles for Kayak Angler,, and more. Plus he has created a mini-series showcasing his traveling adventures.

Inside this book Spencer Jones shares 5 different ways to travel and kayak fish through personal stories of adventures he has taken across North America. Along with the stories he shares numerous packing tips and traveling checklists. Plus within these pages Spencer shares healthy and delicious recipes, meal plans, and shopping lists. Prepping you to have an epic adventure chasing your passions to the max!

Are you thinking of fishing beyond the breakers and going offshore to chase sailfish out of a kayak? Then this book will help you achieve success and have a great outing! After fishing in the Extreme Kayak Fishing Series Sailfish Smackdown I learned a lot. Israel Dunn from and I traveled down to Pompano beach, Fl. to compete. Even with all the research Israel and I did there were many holes left in their knowledge. I wanted to fill the gaps for folks going offshore for the first few times. This short book contains all the research plus what I learned hands on and put it together for a short and fun read. It walks through everything from packing, kayak selection, gear choice, launching, landing, and so much more! It is available in multiple formats. Get your copy today and be ready to hit the open water tomorrow!

You can purchase it at:

“This book is very, very helpful for the angler that is getting into kayak fishing offshore!”

— Robert Rodriguez

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