Who Woulda' Thunk it!

Raise your hand if you knew being outside was good for you. (HAND UP!!!) I’ve been told since I was a kid that being outside is good for me. I always thought that it was a way to get me out of the house and not in my parents way but there are actually health benefits to getting outside. And for us kayak anglers, hikers, snowshoers it’s just another reason to leave the confines of our house and head out! So check out these benefits:

1)You’ll sleep better!

Did you know that our body has a rhythm to it? You’ve probably heard about your internal clock, you know the thing that gets you up even when your alarm isn’t set. Well this clock is timed with the sunrise and sunset. By being outside your body can adjust and get into the rhythms of nature. This is especially important for folks who spend a lot of time on the computer or electronics. Get outside, and let your clock adjust. You’ll find that you’ll sleep better and more sound than before!

2) Eyes

Ever hear the song with the lyrics “My Future’s so Bright, I gotta wear shades”. I’m quoting from memory, so hopefully that’s right. In any case, if you are stuck inside looking at something close to you, like a computer, phone etc. for hours on end then you are at risk of becoming near sighted. Even just 2 hours puts you at risk. How do you counter it? Get outside, look around, and focus on objects that are farther away. Ok, sure, you can do this inside as well, but really, get outside! It’s much more fun! And please wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the UV rays!

3) Stress Reduction

Have you ever had the experience of smelling something and it triggering a memory. Smells are amazing. They can cause you to remember certain sights, sounds, AND they can help you relieve stress. Walking outside and smelling the fresh air helps calm the body and mind down. No one really knows the reason how it happens, but it works. Especially if you are able to walk in a woods, by a lake, just nature in general. Even outside in a city works, but getting to a park or place away from a city can do even more. Get out, breath deep, and relax.

4) Promotes Exercise

Now hold on to your seat, exercise! Wait, I never mention that! Oh yeah, I kind of do. Well, even if you’re not into busting out p90x you can still head outside. It’s hard not to move when you’re outside. Whether a walk, jog, hike, or even yoga, being outside almost makes one want to move.

So let’s all get outside and improve ourselves surrounded by nature!