Breakfast Burrito

Are you on the lookout for a delicious and super easy breakfasts? Then you won't want to miss this one. Get your day started right with this super easy and delicious recipe!


1 egg

Just shy of a TBSP of Greek Yogurt

1 Tbsp Olive oil to list

2 Tortillas to list

Fixings (Italian Sausage or ground turkey with Italian seasonings, peppers, mushrooms, etc.)

Here's how you make it:

Pre-cook the ground turkey. Turn two of your burners on low to low-medium heat. You’ll need a smaller pan and a bigger pan. The bigger pan will be used to heat your tortillas, while in the smaller pan, you are going to cover the bottom in olive oil. After the olive oil, you’ll crack the egg into the pan. Beat the egg so that the yolk is broken apart. Put your tortillas into the pan, and let them warm up (don’t forget to flip them at some point). Keep mixing the eggs, so that you end up with scrambled eggs. Salt and pepper are optional, but you can add some at this point. While the eggs are cooking you can add your greek yogurt to them. When the eggs are about done, add your pre-cooked turkey, and mix it in. Take your tortillas and add your extra things such as the peppers and cheese in them. Take the egg mixture, and put it onto the tortillas.