3 Stretches to Relieve Sea Legs

3 Stretches to relieve Sea Legs

After paddling and reeling in those monsters for hours upon hours you decide it’s time to head back to shore. As you are savoring in every amazing hookset and hoping your hero shot came out right you step out of your kayak onto the launch only to find that your legs and buttocks are stiff and not cooperating easily! When that happens give these 3 stretches a try to relieve those newly found sealegs. Remember, wait to get on land before doing these stretches and don’t stretch too far. A little discomfort is ok but pain isn’t!

  1. Runner’s Stretch - First kneel on the ground. Then bring your right foot forward until your have a 90* angle in your right knee while having your right foot flat against the floor. Place both hands on top of your right bent knee. When you are here bring your hips forward. You will feel the stretch in your left quad. Hold for 5-10 seconds. Release your hips back to their original place and repeat 2x. Switch legs and stretch 3x.
  2. Reverse Pigeon - Lie on your back and bring your right foot above your left knee so that your ankle is just on the outside of the leg. Keeping your right leg in that spot raise your left foot towards your buttocks raising the knee. Your right foot should be getting closer to your body and you will feel the stretch in your right glute. To intensify it reach through the opening in between your legs and the outside of the left leg, grab your left thigh and gently pull it towards you.
  3. Butterfly - For this move all you need to do is to sit on the ground, bring your feet together and let your knees rise of the ground if needed. Place your hands on your toes and while keeping a straight back, lean forward. You will feel this stretch in your inner thighs.

Give these moves a try next time you find you have sea legs and can continue to soak in every amazing part of your adventure!