Smith Optics

For the past couple months I have seen a number of my friends talk about their new Smith Optic Sunglasses. When I went down to ICAST I had to check them out in person. Needless to say the little time I had to wear them at the show wasn’t enough and wanted to review them for all of you.

Smith Optics offer a wide array of glasses and sunglasses with a variety of lenses and frames. You can even get them with prescription lenses and bifocals if needed. The glasses I reviewed, the Challis, have polarized chromapop lenses. These lenses not only protect your eyes from UV rays but show you the world with amazing clarity!

The first time you put on the sunglasses you will notice an amazing difference. They are lightweight, comfortable, but most of all, the clarity was shocking! It felt like I wasn’t wearing anything, well besides the color difference. I’ve been trying to figure out a good way to describe the major difference when putting on these sunglasses but I have been unable. The only way I can say it is that they are the clearest lenses I have ever tried on. They make everything you see sharper and more in focus.

Now I forgot to mention this in the video but the reflection of the sun off the water and vehicles was noticeable. The sunglasses did help but there was still some glare. The lenses I had were polarized brown in color. I like fishing with Amber lenses as they work really well for the waters I mainly fish and this was as close as I could get to Amber. However, I was hoping that the glasses would’ve been a shade darker. I do have more sensitive eyes and like a darker lenses. They work great for cloudy or partly sunny days but a little bit darker would be easier on bright sunny days.

I put them to one of my favorite tests for sunglasses, the shaken head test. When I shake my head left, right, up, down, and in a circle to see if they slip down a little bit. I noticed when I wore these sunglasses on a run (and during the test) that they slipped down a little bit, especially when I was sweating. It is barely noticeable when you are looking at them on a person, but you can feel it. It wasn’t anything horrible, but can be irritating. The Challis sunglasses did not have ridges on the nose guard but if they did that may make the difference.

After wearing them for many hours on the water, running, driving, or mowing my lawn I never felt any pressure on my temples or nose. They are very comfortable to wear for many hours. Also, when wearing a buff or similar neckwear the glasses did fog up like many others do. Although,with a slight breeze it cleared up quickly.

Now their price ranges a bit depending on if you get a prescription pair or not but the non-prescription Challis pair I reviewed sell for $209. This puts them with other high-end sunglasses on the market. They are durable, scratch resistant, and amazingly sharp and clear. If you are in the market for a high-end pair of sunglasses you need to check out Smith Optics because in my book, they are a CATCH.